Tonga Bible - Ibbaibbele

Tonga Bible - Ibbaibbele

The Bible in Tonga Zambia is called Ibbaibbele or Ibbuku Lyamajwi Aa-leza or Cizuminano Cakale or Acizuminano Cipya.
K240 per book
Last Updated 16 Nov 2022

Further information

The Tonga language of Zambia and Zimbabwe is a Bantu Language primarily spoken by the Tonga people in those countries who live mainly in the Southern and Western provinces of Zambia, and in northern Zimbabwe, with a few in Mozambique.

The language is also spoken by the Tonga, Ila, Iwe, Toka and Leya people, as well as many bilingual Zambians and Zimbabweans. It is one of the major lingua francas in Zambia, together with Bemba, Lozi and Nyanja. The related Tonga people of Malawi speak a similar Tonga language.

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