Coco Peat  Organic Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner

Coco Peat Organic Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner

Enrich the soil in your garden with Coco Peat Organic Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner. Each coco peat block provides organic material useful for healthy plant growth.
K170 per bag
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Last Updated 16 Nov 2022

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Coco Peat is a multi-purpose soil conditioner and growing medium. It is a completely homogeneous material composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges that absorb and hold up to eight times its own weight in water.

Then simply wait until the block expands and slowly stir it until the soil loosens. After this, the product will be ready for you to use. Enables healthy growth you can use this coco peat powder for various gardening and farming needs

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Product TitleCoco Peat Organic Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner
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Crop(s)Starter Gardens, seedlings

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