Babymed Lotion Moisturizing Milk

Babymed Lotion Moisturizing Milk

Nourishes and moisturises newborn, babies and children’s skin Soothes irritations and brings immediate comfort; An agreeable texture and sweet fragrance: It comes in a practical pump bottle (only for the lotion and shower gel): Skin is nourished, soothed and protected
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Active ingredients

Lotion and cream: Aloe Vera and Shea Butter.

Nourishing Balm and butter: 100% Shea Butter

Instruction: After bathing or washing, generously apply the moisturising lotion over the whole body, massaging it in gently. May also be used by mummy.

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Dream Cosmetics' extensive range of affordable moisturising creams, lotions, skin ointments, lip butter and fragrances for women and men smell great and will keep your body fresh all day. Baby products that include ointments, cologne, moisturising milk and talcum powder are also supplied.