111 Tips For Raising Godly Kids

111 Tips For Raising Godly Kids

Do you yearn to be an effective, positive influence in your child's life? Do you desire to raise children for God's kingdom?

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Avoiding idealism and worn-out answers, yet firmly grounded in biblical truth, this book offers support to those who are facing challenges of contemporary parenting at all stages of a child's development.

Written by a pastor who is passionate about nurturing healthy Christian families, it is packed with practical and encouraging advice, such as:

  • Recognize that bonding begins before birth.
  • Help your child develop a good mental picture of God.
  • Create teachable moments.
  • Develop a heart connection with your child.
  • Let them solve problems.
  • Raise your children in Christ, not in church.
  • Let them know that making mistakes is human.
  • Be gracious with your wayward children.

AuthorSaustin Sampson Mfune
ISBN 978-1-920579-24-1
Pages 122

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