To Have & to Hold

To Have & to Hold

A world-renowned family life expert gives her top tips for a successful, fulfilled marriage.
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Last Updated 15 Nov 2022

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This book will not only outline a woman’s responsibility in holding the marriage together but will also help men find a better balance in the pursuit of goals, career fulfilment and happy family life.

This book is aimed at three groups:

  • Young couples who are preparing for marriage
  • The average couple looking to enliven their marriage and experience unrecognized possibilities.
  • Couples either experience problems or are caught in the bind of an as yet unfulfilled relationship.

' When you take the time and effort to make a marriage good, the rewards are enormous.'

AuthorNancy Van Pelt
PublisherThe Stanborough Press Ltd.
Product titleTo Have & To Hold - A Guide to Successful Marriage

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