More than Rich

More than Rich

Many people want to be rich. They want to make a good living for themselves and their children. But how many of us know what it really means to be rich?

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In this book, Roger Hernandez and David Paczka confront ideas about money management for Christians and bust a few myths about what the Bible has to say. Based on the 'open hand principle', they challenge you to 'give as you've never given before', making room for God's blessings in your own life.

This practical guide, packed with scriptural references for saving, budgeting and getting out of debt, will help you change your relationship with money, and ultimately, family and friends. Take the opportunity to be More Than Rich, today! Absolutely!

Roger Hernández and David Paczka are experienced pastors and motivational speakers who have been invited all over the world to present at camp meetings, leadership conventions, evangelistic crusades and training events. Their style is engaging and easy to understand, with a strong practical emphasis.

Authors Roger Hernández and David Paczk
Product titleMore than Rich - Biblical Principles for Living Beyond the Pursuit of Riches

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