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Established in 2017, Damungu Zambia is a renewable energy company that supplies a wide selection of solar equipment including solar panels, mounting and racking systems, solar batteries, inverters, charge controllers and lights. The company also offers professional design and installation services of all solar equipment and related accessories. Damungu understands the latest trends in the industry and adapts their products and services accordingly. All works are carried out by highly trained personnel.

Solar energy solutions

Go to Damungu Zambia for an extensive range of industry leading brands of solar panels, batteries, inverters and lights, as well as various related solar accessories. The company's engineers have many years of experience and can efficiently design and install complete solar systems for residential or commercial use. Reduce your energy costs and avoid your business operations halting due to load shedding. Go solar!
Industry leading brands of solar panels, batteries, inverters, lights and various related solar accessories
Designs and installs solar systems for residential and commercial use
For reduced energy costs and alternative power when load shedding strikes
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Damungu Zambia
Damungu Zambia
Solar & Renewable
Mppt Solar Controller  image
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Mppt Solar Controller
Inverters & Converters
Maximise your solar panel array's potential with an MPPT Solar Controller. This controller is designed with a maximum PV Voc of 150VDC and an A/C output of 12V, 24V, 36V or 40V
Damungu Zambia
Damungu Zambia
Solar & Renewable
Variable Frequency Drive a/C Inverter  image
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Extend the capacities of solar water pump capabilities. The Variable Frequency Drive Inverter is equipped with intelligent setting parameters and automatic voltage regulation.
Damungu Zambia
Damungu Zambia
Solar & Renewable
Solar Pump Controller  24v-48v image
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Solar Pump Controller 24v-48v
Inverters & Converters
Take the sun's energy and efficiently maximize its potential with an MPPT Solar Pump Controller. This device optimizes input from solar panels and delivers the optimal power needed for your water pumps.

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