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Set up in 2013, Brohks Investments maintains a large inventory of products geared to satisfying your hardware, kitchenware, garden, plumbing, electrical, tool, paint and cleaning needs. The company has partnered with a number of leading manufacturers and suppliers to provide the best products and solutions. Possessing comprehensive hardware expertise, Brohks' experienced team provides every customer with excellent service and value, and strives to fulfil all of your construction needs.

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Mumbwa Road, Lusaka
28691 Mumbwa Road, Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 979 161682, +260 966 030698
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Roofing sheets

Using the latest machinery, Brohks Investments manufactures a wide range of roofing sheets at reasonable prices. The company supplies IBR (IT4 and IT5), corrugated sheets, tiles, ridges and guttering. The company is confident of the high standard of its products and their ability to withstand different weather conditions.
Manufacturers of a wide range of roofing materials
Latest machinery for durability, precision and efficiency
High quality and affordable roofing sheets
Roofing sheets - 0
Roofing sheets - 1
Roofing sheets - 2
Roofing sheets - 3

Tools & home improvement

Brohks Investments provides quality power tools, hand tools and accessories for contractors and do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts. The company offers an extensive selection of innovative products that makes complex, time-consuming projects faster and easier to complete without compromising results.
Extensive selection of tools and home improvement solutions
Caters for contractors and DIY enthusiasts
Reliable, solid tools
Tools & home improvement - 0
Tools & home improvement - 1
Tools & home improvement - 2
Tools & home improvement - 3

General hardware

Brohks Investments offers a broad array of quality domestic and commercial hardware for all purposes, from hand and power tools to garden products and plumbing materials and electrical supplies. It is a cost effective leader in the construction industry and consistently serves its clients with quality products.
Broad array of quality domestic and commercial hardware
An extensive inventory
Leading brands to satisfy different construction needs
General hardware - 0
General hardware - 1
General hardware - 2
General hardware - 3


This company is a sole distributor of Kaluworks kitchenware including cooking pots (suffurias and lids), casserole dishes, saucepans, kettles, tea pots, frying pans, milk cans, buckets and various kitchen accessories. Brohks Investments also supplies a diverse range of food service products and professional aluminium cookware.
Sole distributor of a wide variety of Kaluworks kitchenware
Revitalising homes and institutions by distributing premium quality kitchenware
Food service products and professional aluminium cookware
Kitchenware - 0
Kitchenware - 1
Kitchenware - 2
Kitchenware - 3

Wholesale cooking & dining

Brohks Investments offers an extensive range of high quality wholesale kitchenware at competitive prices. Their wide selection of products consists of aluminium cookwares, stainless steel cookwares, non-stick cookwares, bakeware, glassware, kitchen accessories and a range of food preparation supplies and kitchen appliances.
High quality products
Competitive prices
Branded and unbranded products to suit a number of price points
Wholesale cooking & dining - 0
Wholesale cooking & dining - 1
Wholesale cooking & dining - 2
Wholesale cooking & dining - 3

Steel supply

Brohks Investments is a manufacturer of a wide range of steel products that conform to global standards. Their range of products includes, but is not limited to, deformed bars, round bars, flat bars, square bars, square tubes, rectangular tubes, round tubes, angle irons, U-channels, lipped channels and flat sheets.
Wide range of steel products readily available instore
Committed to provide steel products of high quality
Huge inventory and reliable supply chain
Steel supply - 0
Steel supply - 1
Steel supply - 2
Steel supply - 3

Contact information

Mumbwa Road, Lusaka
28691 Mumbwa Road, Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 979 161682, +260 966 030698

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28691 Mumbwa Road, Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 979 161682, +260 966 030698