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This chamber of commerce is an independent non-profit organisation that helps promote trade and commercial relations between Zambia and the United Kingdom. Set up in Zambia as a company limited by guarantee, the chamber seeks to play a major role in identifying and growing business opportunities locally and regionally. It collaborates with other business groups and fosters strong ties with regional counterparts. The British Chamber of Commerce in Zambia works with businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Chamber of Commerce

With strong support from the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), the British Chamber of Commerce in Zambia provides regular networking opportunities to help businesses build their customer bases and find suppliers and staff. It also gives access to new ideas and innovations through shared knowledge and expertise.
A networking platform to discover business opportunities locally and internationally
Membership open to British, Zambian and international companies
Learn skills to develop your vision and strategy
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c/o Knight Frank, Lusaka
c/o Knight Frank, 3 Chikwa Road, Lusaka, Zambia

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