Timber supply businesses in Zambia

Manufacturers of timber and timber products including boards, flooring tiles, skirting boards etc.
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Ocean Ventures Ltd
Timber and Panelling
Ocean Ventures supplies high-quality timber, timber products and panelling for the building industry - structural timber, plywood, shutter ply, melamine boards, doors, particle boards and medium density fibreboard. The company has knowledgeable staff that can advise you on the best timber product to use for a particular project.

Timber supply

Manufacturers of timber and timber products including boards, flooring tiles, skirting boards etc.

Timber is widely used in the construction industry and there are many timber products. Here you will find manufacturers and suppliers of timber products including furniture like chairs, tables, beds, picture frames, wardrobes, cabinets and many more, ceiling boards and gutters. Most of the tree species of commercial value in Zambia are used for timber production, as construction material and for making furniture products. Others are used for charcoal production, poles, soil improvement, fodder, medicines, turnery and many other uses. Manufacturers of a wide range of wood products with environmentally cost-effective wood product solutions of quality and sustainability are listed here.

Solid timber floors can be installed directly to concrete or on battens and joists. Solid timber floors are installed onto a floor in a raw state and then sanded and coated to a finish in line with the preference of the customer.

When purchasing solid timber flooring, choose an option that is readily available and high on the Janka hardness scale. mukwa and rosewood, eucalyptus is very popular hardwoods as they are beautiful, durable

and well coveted by homebuyers, which pushes up property value.

In most cases, the wider planks tend to cost more than narrower planks. The main reason for this is because the wider planks are made from older growth trees which are more valuable. The wider planks mean each tree produces fewer planks.

Planed wood is sawn timber that has been planed down until it's smooth, and is meant for use where it can be seen. With its natural lustre, softwood and hardwood options and the wide variety of finishes available, it's no wonder why so many choose planned timber for hands-on home improvement projects.

The "nominal" cross-section dimensions of a piece of lumber, such as 2 X 4 or 1 X 6, are always somewhat larger than the actual or dressed, dimensions. The reason is that dressed lumber has been surfaced or planned smooth on four sides (called S4S). The nominal measurement is made before the lumber is surfaced.

Pine has earned a reputation for being strong, flexible, and weather-resistant – qualities that make for an effective roofing shingle. Among roofing shingle manufacturers, pine is the go-to material, all thanks to its durability

In the interior of your home, you can think of cornices as skirting boards for your roof. Even though they are not designed to protect the wall from bumps and scuffs as skirtings do, they provide somewhat of a similar function. Cornices are designed to disguise unsightly joints between your wall and roof.

There are an infinite number of possible skirting profiles, but the four most popular are bullnose, chamfered ogee, and torus.

  • Bullnose skirting boards. Bullnose skirting boards are beautiful in their simplicity
  • Chamfered skirting boards
  • Ogee skirting boards
  • Torus skirting boards