Plastics businesses in Zambia

Printed carrier bags, rice packing bags, bread bags, chicken bags, garbage, the list is endless.
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PolyKing Ltd
PolyKing is leading manufacture of a wide array of plastic products including high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes. The company ensures that it uses the finest raw material for their product ranges to deliver quality that is never questioned and is guaranteed.
Proplast Zambia
Proplast Zambia is one of the leading suppliers of a broad spectrum of machinery, raw materials and additives to various companies in the plastic industry. The company has a passion for providing materials that help companies develop innovative polymer solutions.
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PVC conduit pipe and trunking
Africab offers a wide variety of reliable and safe PVC conduit pipes as well as trunking for domestic and industrial use. You can be assured that Africab’s range of products provide superb protection for electrical wiring systems because they are tested to conform with ISO 9001 standards and are approved by ZABS.


Printed carrier bags, rice packing bags, bread bags, chicken bags, garbage, the list is endless.

Plastic is used to manufacture a lot of different products; it is also used for packaging goods. You will find manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and buyers of plastic and its products in Zambia. These products include: clear plastics, carrier bags, clear and black sheeting, printed balers bags, FFS films for water, milk and candle packing, shrink films, printed carrier bags, rice packing bags, bread bags, chicken bags, garbage bags, the list is endless. Find here manufacturers of HDPE pipes and fittings, PVC, for civil engineering, agricultural, mining, domestic applications and more. Manholes sewer pipes water supply pipes drainage pipes corrugated pipes reinforced screw pipes as well as the fabrication of bends, tees and laterals.

Plastics are a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials that use polymers as the main ingredient. Their plasticity makes it possible for plastics to be moulded, extruded or pressed into solid objects of various shapes

Plastic is defined as a material that contains as an essential ingredient an organic substance of large molecular weight. It is also defined as polymers of long carbon chains. Carbon atoms are linked in chains and are produced in long-chain molecules.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE) - Examples: beverage bottles, food bottles/jars salad dressing, peanut butter, honey, etc.) and polyester clothing or rope.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) - Examples: Milk cartons, detergent bottles, cereal box liners, toys, buckets, park benches and rigid pipes.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC or Vinyl) - Examples: Plumbing pipes, credit cards, human and pet toys, rain gutters, teething rings, IV fluid bags and medical tubing and oxygen masks.

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) - Examples: Plastic/cling wrap, sandwich and bread bags, bubble wrap, garbage bags, grocery bags and beverage cups.

Polypropylene (PP) - Examples: Straws, bottle caps, prescription bottles, hot food containers, packaging tape, disposable diapers and DVD/CD boxes (remember those!).

Polystyrene (PS or Styrofoam) - Examples: Cups, takeout food containers, shipping and product packaging, egg cartons, cutlery and building insulation.

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