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Routine cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canal therapy, good oral health to treat dental disease
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Sunshine Dental Clinic
Dental services
Sunshine Dental Clinic for the best dental services. With a highly skilled team of dentists, this clinic provides comprehensive treatment and professional dental services that address both your short- and long-term dental care needs.
Elite Dental Clinic
Lusaka +3
Elite Dental Clinic offers a wide range of dental treatments such as cavity fillings, paediatric dentistry, dental cosmetics, orthodontics, whitening and root canal treatment. The clinic provides a dental service for the whole family, including examinations, oral hygiene advise and practical solutions to a variety of dental issues.
With a dedicated team of dentists, PearliWhyte Dental Solutions provide preventive and restorative treatments for problems affecting the mouth and teeth. All dentists at PearliWhyte Dental Solutions are highly trained specialists with many years of experience and regular training in the latest dental technology.
City Dental Lusaka
With a high standard of professional care, City Dental offers a wide range of professional dental care services that cover all dental disciplines. The clinic strives to maintain the highest quality of dental care possible by ensuring a high quality workforce through a careful recruitment and selection.
Kano Dental Clinic offers a complete range of affordable private dental care, all under one roof. Services offered include tooth removal and whitening, gum disease treatment, oral surgery, orthodontics, composite bonding, dental implants, root canal and cosmetic dentistry, as well as fillings, crowns and veneers. No matter what sort of treatment you require, their specialists are always happy to attend to you.
Dentallive Clinic
When a tooth sustains so much damage due to decay or periodontal disease that it cannot be saved, Dentallive Clinic has the expertise to professionally extract it. This dental clinic uses safe and effective anesthetics and sedatives to provide a virtually painless extraction experience to every patient.


Routine cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canal therapy, good oral health to treat dental disease

Find where to go in Zambia for all things dental – whether that is regular check-ups, treatments or emergencies. A dentist, also known as a dental surgeon specialises in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity. Clinics in Zambia provide complete dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, implants, crowns and bridges, dentures, periodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery and endodontics. They are also responsible for educating patients on oral health care, examining teeth and diagnosing patients' dental conditions by using tools such as x-rays, assessing treatment options and agreeing on treatment plans with patients, carrying out agreed clinical treatments such as restoring teeth affected by decay and treating gum disease.

With a full range of dental services, dental clinics in Zambia believe in providing a professional, caring and individualised approach for each of their patients. They are committed to providing comprehensive treatment and skilled dental services that address both your short- and long-term dental care needs in an honest, judgment-free environment where it all comes down to great care. Staff are experienced, dental professionals who wish to make every patient’s visit to their facility a positive, pleasant experience.

Most dental clinics in Zambia pride themselves in utilising the most modern equipment and methods available. In order to provide nothing but the best to their patients, these facilities use state-of-the-art technologies in all their procedures. These new technologies allow them to identify dental concerns at early stages, treat your dental issues with precision, and provide stunning and personalised restorations.

Dental clinics will provide any clinically necessary treatment needed to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and free of pain. Decisions about which treatment is appropriate will be based on a clinical assessment and clinical judgement. Dentists focus on your interests first, caring for you as an individual, giving you the personal attention you require and ensuring you are comfortable at all times. Their aim is to create the healthiest mouth possible through the care of both teeth and gums. Feel free to ask your dentist to explain in more detail the reason behind the treatment options being proposed. You should ensure that you are properly informed before any treatment is undertaken. Clinics welcome everyone, from children to elderly patients, regardless of their specialised needs. With a focus on oral wellness and disease prevention, dental clinics provide a full spectrum of services, including exams and routine cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canal therapy, periodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Dental services offered include:

  • Checkups
  • Bridges
  • Fillings
  • Treatment of periodontal disease
  • Tooth extraction
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Oral surgery
  • Dental crowns
  • Emergency dental care
  • Root canal