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Work out, with specialised equipment, to suit your fitness needs with a wide range of studio classes
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FitCity Zambia Ltd
Personal fitness training
Operating from Gymkhana Club in the Showgrounds, FitCity Zambia provides a variety of personalised training options, guidance and support to help you stay on track and reach your fitness goals. Sessions are carefully designed, taking into consideration your ability level, understanding of exercise fundamentals and level of commitment.


Work out, with specialised equipment, to suit your fitness needs with a wide range of studio classes

'Gym' is an abbreviation of 'Gymnasium', which is a room or building equipped for gymnastics and other physical exercises. However these days a gym means much more than a place where gymnastics are done. Typically you belong to a gym so you can go there to work out, often using specialised equipment. Find a gym to suit your fitness needs in Zambia.

Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle daily chores.

  • Controls weight
  • Combats health conditions and diseases
  • Improves mood
  • Boosts energy
  • Puts the spark back into your sex life
  • Can be fun … and social!

A modern fitness centre with the latest gym equipment. A clean, spacious and well-ventilated environment. Find a facility that offers a comprehensive and dynamic range of services that helps you to get into shape. A top range facility should include sauna and steam rooms and a children’s playroom for clients who are unable to leave their children at home. The gym should also have bathrooms which you can use at your own convenience. Each bathroom should have showers, a steam room, and a sauna. You don't have to be fit to start going to a gym! With constantly varied movements and activities and good a state of mind, a philosophy and a lifestyle.

It doesn't matter what shape or size you are because a good gym coaches people of all ages and abilities to improve their overall fitness in a fun and challenging environment.