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Seeds are planted in the ground, seedlings are already sprouted from seed before planting.
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Syngenta Zambia
Are you looking for high-quality healthy seeds? Syngenta Zambia supplies a wide variety of soya bean, wheat and vegetable seeds to farmers, commercial growers and retailers. As a leading developer and producer of seeds, Syngenta is committed to giving you more vigorous, stronger, resistant plants, including innovative hybrid varieties and biotech crops that can thrive even in challenging growing conditions.
Good Nature Agro
Legume seed production with small-scale farmers
Good Nature Agro stocks different types of legume seeds such as cowpea, beans, groundnut and soybean. The seeds are available in packets from 2.5kg upto 50 kg. The company provides secure wholesale contracts and supplies to retail outlets throughout Zambia, with the aim of equipping small-scale farmers with high-quality legume seed.
Seeds & Seedlings
Lusaka +4
Amiran has been in the agriculture industry for over 48 years, establishing itself as an expert in the field. It provides a variety of seedlings and can also grow owner-supplied seeds. The company is the exclusive supplier of Hazera seeds. It is one of the leading suppliers of seedlings for farmers and market gardeners countrywide.
Crop Pro Zambia
As a farmer, choice of seeds is critical in order to achieve high yields. Crop Pro Zambia stocks a wide selection of crop seeds. This company’s understanding of the needs of farmers has given it the ability to source the best varieties of seeds. It is committed to provide quality seed varieties as well as crop advice to its customers.
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ETG Agri Inputs
Lusaka +3
For the best yields, the quality and variety of seed you use is very critical. You can get in touch with ETG Agri Inputs Zambia for a comprehensive range of the finest quality vegetable, maize, soya beans and tomato seeds. Their team is always available and happy to give you advice on the best variety of seed to use depending on the season.

Seeds & Seedlings

Seeds are planted in the ground, seedlings are already sprouted from seed before planting.

Seed suppliers in Zambia may sell crop seeds, fruit and vegetable seeds, and a variety of seedlings, for the amateur gardener right up to large farming enterprises. Seed supply companies supply seeds to commercial resellers, wholesalers and farmers. These suppliers in Zambia offer a huge range of seeds from highly developed hybrids to wild species. Maize has for many years been the crop against which food security is measured in Zambia. Maize is the most important hybrid seed that provides farmers with varieties containing improved genetics, such as high yield potential and unique trait combinations to counter diseases and adverse growing conditions.

The main difference between seeds and seedlings is that seeds are planted in the ground to grow new plants and seedlings are actually young plants, already sprouted from the seed.

Seeds in actuality are the end result of a ripened ovule of seed-bearing plants (gymnosperms) and flowering plants (angiosperms) that follow the fertilization process. On the other hand, a seedling is also a seed but has just sprouted. It is therefore a baby or an infant plant.

Seeds are much better valued than seedlings. You can collect and store your own seeds at the end of each growing season. Certified organic and untreated seeds are not relatively easy to obtain. Unusual or heritage varieties are often only available by seed.

Seed companies have been servicing the requirements of farmers in Zambia for many years focusing on products that will enhance the profitability of the small-scale farmer and ensure food security for the household. With many years of experience combined with focused research and development plus an intimate knowledge of farmers, requirements have enabled the development of products specifically designed for the Zambian market segment.

These producers have a significant product portfolio ranging from cereals, legumes to vegetable seeds to offer farmers certified high yielding alternatives to monoculture maize production. Thus, encouraging crop rotation which is vital for sustainable crop production and for food security for future generations.

With an extensive product range combined with strict quality control measures in place during production in the field, processing of certified seed backed by our in-house research ensures that the client can maximise their yields and lower the risk factors associated with climate change.