Agricultural consultants businesses in Zambia

Providing professional advice on agricultural management, strategy and financials.
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Bonjour Surveys & Inspections Ltd image
Bonjour Surveys & Inspections Ltd
Commodity quality assurance
Use Bonjour Surveys & Inspections for quality and quantity verification as well as the operation of controls that involve tallying, weighing, quality packaging and markings verification for conformity with contractual or set standards. The company only employs qualified professionals with the highest standard of integrity and commitment to provide a level of customer service satisfactory for their clients.
Care Crop Solution Zambia Ltd
Agricultural consultants
Care Crop Solution has qualified agriculture consultants that provide technical support and guidance to farmers. These consultants develop procedures and techniques for solving agricultural problems and improving farm production in areas such as feeding programs, soil improvement and more.
Wellfind Vet Clinic
Livestock production consultancy and training
Farming is a complex and high risk undertaking that requires large amounts of capital and comprises of a multitude of practical and management skills. With a highly trained team, Wellfind Vet Clinic provides consultancy and training services in pig, poultry, dairy, beef as well as sheep and goat production.
Living Water Global Cooperative
Agricultural consultants
Living Water Global Cooperative provides professional consultancy in growing crops, livestock, fish farming as well as agro-business. Their approach of consulting consists of on-site visits and off-site (telephone & e-mail) support. This way, the cooperative makes available to its members advice, support, and feedback not only when the consultant is present, but for the whole growing season.

Agricultural consultants

Providing professional advice on agricultural management, strategy and financials.

Zambian farmers and others involved in agricultural enterprises want to ensure their operations run efficiently and effectively. Financing institutions may require a professional, third-party assessment of a loan application. Landowners or conservation organisations could be looking for an evaluation of the viability or impact of an agricultural project. These scenarios all call for the services of an agricultural consultant.

Agricultural consultants on Infobwana are companies that provide professional technical, commercial and financial advice on the use and management of agricultural land as well as improved methods of agriculture.

Agricultural consultants in Zambia may focus on a particular aspect of farming such as farm management, crop rotation, soil conservation, livestock breeding and feeding, use of new machinery or marketing of produce. Whatever the specialisation, a necessary aim of an agricultural consultant is to balance the commercial viability of an agricultural project with sustainable development.

Main services include:

  • Farm visits to conduct analyses and collect data, such as crop yields
  • Measuring, analysing and interpreting data
  • Land valuations
  • Compliance advisory on current legislation and application of any government schemes
  • Giving demonstrations
  • Presentations
  • Writing technical publications
  • Preparing reports
  • Maintaining awareness of developments in a client’s area of specialisation, as well as the wider agricultural sector
  • Advertising and marketing services

Why hire an agricultural consultant?

Consultants are in a unique position to give objective economical advice to growers on a timely basis. Producer can expect to see improved yields and lower production costs as a result of following their professional recommendations.

Specialists may have substantial technical and practical experience, as well as strategic vision, in order to identify workable long-term solutions for agricultural projects, with a potential for increased opportunities and profits. With the increased complexities of modern day farming, calling in such an expert may pay dividends.

Consultancy clients may include:

  • Farmers
  • Growers
  • Landowners
  • Conservation organisations
  • Public bodies

Agricultural consultants' specialisations include:

  • Agronomy
  • Environment and conservation
  • Livestock farming
  • Animal nutrition
  • Waste management
  • Processing and distribution of farm produce