Environmental equipment businesses in Zambia

Air, water and soil monitoring equipment, an inventory of supplies and safety products.
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Nemchem International
Industrial and residential water treatment solutions
Lusaka +6
Nemchem International is a distributor of Nalco and Ecolab water pre-treatment equipment and accessories. These innovative systems are flexible to meet various needs and come standard with installation, scheduled filter replacements and system maintenance, providing years of trouble free use.
Shungu Services
Environmental equipment
Shungu Service offers VIP luxury mobile toilets that are spacious, comfortable and clean, with flush facility, soap dispensers and water, ideal for weddings, meetings or gatherings of any sort. These luxury mobile toilets offered by Shungu Services are easy to deliver to the exact spot you want them.

Environmental equipment

Air, water and soil monitoring equipment, an inventory of supplies and safety products.

Companies that supply environmental equipment are listed here. These specialist products include sound solutions to noise problems, enabling property owners and the building services industry to create environments free from unwanted noise and vibration, groundwater sampling, water level and pressure measurements, groundwater remediation, environmental monitoring equipment and remediation equipment used for pollution control, groundwater remediation, water and wastewater treatment, geotechnical and environmental assessment, soil vapour extraction, groundwater pumps, gas meters, radiation monitors, indoor air quality meters, PID, FID, OVA, noise dosimeters, sound level meters, air sampling pumps, water quality meters, and remediation systems.

Air, water and soil monitoring equipment, an inventory of supplies and safety products. Products across a wide range of disciplines include surface and groundwater monitoring, dust and air monitoring and gas monitoring and detection. Providing the best equipment, at the best price and with the best service available.

In this category, you will find environmental equipment suppliers opened to fill in the environmental industry. These companies provide quality environmental sampling equipment and personal safety supplies to the environmental science and construction industries. They take pride in providing exceptional customer service tailored to meet your professional needs. They are field-proven environmental scientists that have firsthand experience and knowledge of the products. Committed to your safety and understand how essential quality products are to the industry. They can be your first choice for equipment and supplies in Zambia.