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Social child care or day care is the care and supervision of a child or a group of children
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Cherry Hills International School image
Cherry Hills International School
Baby and Nursery classes
The Cherry Hills “Baby Class” provides a nurturing environment for a child’s first experience of school. With a small class size, a full-time teacher, a classroom assistant and a child-minder, the little ones thrive on a “diet” of social interaction, language development and sensory play. The “Nursery Class” at Cherry Hills is targeted at 3-year-old children and is very much an extension of the learning that has already taken place with the younger learners in the Baby Class. The class teacher is assisted by an early years qualified teaching assistant. The main educational focus is to develop pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-numeracy skills in learners as letters, phonics and numbers are introduced through a wide range of hands-on learning activities.
Happy Hearts World of Kids
Jolly Phonics/Jolly Grammar
Happy Hearts World of Kids offers extra tuition available for children from other schools as well as those from Happy Hearts. The tuition takes the form of weekend lessons. Their 'Jolly' programme teaches children to read and write through phonics, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Register your child today! Happy Hearts World of Kids is here to provide you with solutions for our future leaders.

Child care

Social child care or day care is the care and supervision of a child or a group of children

Child care has many synonyms like family service, childcare, child-minding, infant care, childminders, daycare, home-care, creches, foster-care, babysitting and babysitting. The job of a person who takes care of other people's children in his or her own home: This can also provide practical help with such things as transport and childminding. This service can also be provided by a pre-school.

As a business, being part of school sometimes childminders are parents themselves, caring for their own children alongside those of their clients - if so, their children are included within the limit of six. The work may include basic care, such as help with bathing, dressing and eating meals, as well as changing nappies and making up bottles of milk.

You will be able to find in this categories companies or groups of mothers that can help take care of young children, giving support to parents.