Property consultants businesses in Zambia

Assisting investors and buyers and conducting research and analysis of the property market
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Hamerkop Ventures
Property brokerage and management
Hamerkop Ventures helps property owners sell and lease residential and commercial properties at reasonable rates. Drawing on its experience and understanding of the business, this company advises on the market, on conveyancing and on other related matters. Further, the team maintains and oversees residential and commercial real estate, offering landlords the benefit of convenience and location independence while earning from their investment.
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Ultimate Ingenuity Zambia Ltd
Property consultants
By partnering with Ultimate Ingenuity property owners can increase the value of their property without them spending. The company offers space planning, project management strategy, obtaining regulatory authority approvals, complete fit-out, property renovations from designing to execution and more.
IMEX Elite Standard Ltd image
IMEX Elite Standard Ltd
Property investment opportunities
Whilst it is envisaged that many people will purchase IMEX properties for self-occupation, these developments offer a great opportunity for investment. For example, a house within the Eden Villas gated complex can provide a good return on investment if rented out after purchase. The Lilayi area, and Eureka Park specifically, has grown into a highly desirable residential area, in terms of land and rental values. This is due to the exclusivity aspect that has developed over time.
Heritage Home Construction can list your properties for sale or rent on their website. If you are looking to buy or rent a house, maybe you are looking for a plot, their friendly team can assist you. Heritage Home Construction ensures you enjoy attentive service and receive professional advice.
UPmarket Property Consultants
Property consultants
UPmarket Property Consultants conduct feasibility studies for its clients, which include surveys, market research, property sales and letting services of all types. The firm serves to provide clients with the necessary professionalism and care which they deserve by ensuring the client enjoys a unique property experience.
Sandridge Associates
Property consultants
Sandridge Associates offers a full range of property sales and letting services of all types. The firm conducts feasibility studies for its clients, which include surveys and market research, and looks after properties. The Sandridge team has also been retained to undertake compensation valuations for various projects.
Oaktree Real Estate Zambia
Valuation, conveyancing, surveying and management
Oaktree Real Estate offers professional service in property valuations surveying and conveyancing so that you can have peace and assurance that the very best outcome will come out of these very costly and important transactions. The team is qualified and recognised by the Ministry of Lands.
Pam Golding
Property consultants
From commercial property to vacant land, farms and residential homes, Pam Golding Zambia offers a diversity of options to suit your every need. The highly skilled agents are uniquely equipped to provide prospective buyers and sellers with a range of professional property services.

Property consultants

Assisting investors and buyers and conducting research and analysis of the property market

Property consultants can help property developers in the construction industry, from project inception right through to completion of build, and marketing and sales activities. As part of the project development team, they can be expected to have expertise in carrying out some or all of the following: market research, impact assessments, feasibility studies, financial and architectural modelling, legal documentation work, marketing strategy and buyers' financial options.

A consultant is an expert in the matter which advises professionally. Property consultants specialize in assisting investors and buyers to make appropriate decisions regarding property purchases. As part of their duties, property consultants conduct research and analysis of the property market to determine areas with increasing demand and profitability.

Property consultants fulfil this role. They're essentially property experts – people who help the buyer determine whether they're getting a good deal or not. What's more, their advice is impartial. Unlike estate agents, they give the buyer neutral information about a new house and whether they've found a good deal.

Property consultants have a broad range of advice and services they can provide for clients in Zambia to investors including:

  • Relocation
  • Market overview
  • Research
  • Property legislation, tax and rates
  • Construction
  • Property investment
  • Co-ordination and management of property sales
  • National and international marketing
  • Economic overview
  • Feasibility studies
  • Property portfolio consultancy
  • Due diligence

Whether you're buying, letting, renting or investing in property in Zambia, the companies listed below can help.