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Warehousing is storing products in logistics, storage is the method of stocking
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The Big Green Box image
The Big Green Box
Container storage
The Big Green Box Zambia is your number one secure self storage provider in the country. Their secure onsite 20 foot container storage options include the option to rent an entire container, small 5 cubic meter storage or shelving storage.
Stuttafords Zambia
Storage service
Stuttafords Zambia offers long and short term storage services of a wide selection of personal and commercial goods. Their warehouses are fitted with the latest CCTV and alarm systems - security personnel are also available 24/7. Your goods will be insured whilst in their facilities.
Associated Printers offers state-of-the-art, secure document storage services including physical, electronic and computerised options. The company has put in place stringent security measures in their secure storage area, ensuring the confidentiality of documents and information.
Celtic Freight
Storage and warehousing
Celtic Freight renders storage and warehousing services that includes storage and consolidation of cargo delivered into the Lusaka terminal. For either direct deliveries to client's door or convenient collection the company offers practical storage ideas to help organize and protect cargo by issuing high levels of security.
Mungwi Centre
Storage and warehousing
Mungwi Centre offers tailored and fully integrated warehouse and storage management services. With short- and long-term warehousing available, Mungwi fulfils your requirements by selecting the most efficient storage designs combined with material handling and warehouse management systems for peak performance.
Roma Storage Solution
Storage and warehousing
Roma Storage Solution offers reliable and secure self-storage for a monthly license fee. Storage can be short or long term depending on individual need. The facility is ideal for storing excess trade inventory, household goods, documents, tools and equipment, building materials, non-perishable produce and general warehouse goods.
VenYou Zambia
Venyou Zambia’s warehousing facilities guarantee their clients 24- hour secure storage in a central location within Lusaka district. Space at the warehouse is rented per square metre on contractual basis. Venyou works closely with each of its clients and, as a result, adapts its services to your company’s requirements.
ETG Commodities Zambia
ETG Commodities Zambia has strategically built up to date storage and warehousing facilities including grain elevators, liquid oil tanks and barns to store their commodities. To the farmers, ETG offers product quality and quantity verification as well as controls, sampling of commodities, laboratory analysis and general warehouse management services.
Nitram Clearing and Forwarding
Bonded warehousing
By offering access to bonded warehouses and providing 'Removal In Bond' (RIB) and 'Removal In Transit' (RIT) services for clients, Nitram Clearing and Forwarding facilitates the temporary storage and movement of imported goods. The company prides itself on their industry knowledge and ability to understand every customer’s needs, so it can recommend the best fit in terms of logistics and warehousing solutions.
Wright Line Logistics Investments Ltd
Storage and warehousing
Wright Line Logistics Investments offers short, medium and long term warehousing and storage of cargo. Their facilities are equipped with CCTV, electronic theft and fire alarms backed by round-the-clock security personnel for additional security.
Food Reserve Agency (FRA)
Grain storage
After procurement, it is critical that necessary measures are put in place to store grains for long periods of time without spoilage. To this effect, FRA working with the government has constructed a good number of storage facilities across the country. The goal is to ensure that everything that is harvested by the farmer is easily transported and stored properly.

Storage & warehousing

Warehousing is storing products in logistics, storage is the method of stocking

Service providers who provide storage facilities for short or long term periods can be found here. Goods are kept in a safe and secure environment, in lockable containers or warehouses. These companies will own warehouses which are commercial buildings for the storage of goods. Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs and are usually large plain buildings in industrial areas of cities and towns. Some of these are fulfilment houses that specialize in product fulfilment services, on behalf of the product owner.

A manufacturer needs to keep adequate stock of raw materials to ensure smooth production. A trader has to maintain adequate stock of the products he sells to meet the demand. Maintenance of stocks of raw materials and finished products calls for storage. Storage helps to preserve goods at a particular place until these are required elsewhere.

Functions of Storage

  • To preserve goods that are produced only during a particular season but are demanded throughout the year like agricultural goods.
  • To preserve goods that are produced throughout the year but demanded during a particular season
  • To preserve the quality of certain goods, which in the absence of proper storage will deteriorate.
  • To enable businessmen to make a speculative gain, i.e., to wait and sell at a higher price.
  • To protect goods from pests and insects.
  • To ensure smooth production and distribution.

Advantages of warehousing

  • It protects the goods until they are moved to the factory to be used in production or to the market for sale.
  • It provides a place for goods that are received in bulk.
  • It facilitates the easy sale of goods when it is located near the market.
  • It facilitates the uninterrupted sale. ‘Out of stock’ situation is avoided.
  • The ‘warehouse receipt‘ issued to a merchant, who has stored his goods in a public warehouse, also enables him to get financial assistance. A warehouse receipt is a document of title.
  • It helps to equalize price by matching the demand and supply positions.
  • It provides employment opportunities to many.
  • Cold storage provides longer life to certain easily perishable items like fish, dairy products, etc.
  • It facilitates the large-scale production of goods. The producer need not bother about storage.
  • It is necessary to perform certain marketing activities like grading, packing, etc.

There are many warehousing and storage facilities in Zambia. They are listed here for you to find them.