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An adventure sport, abseil down the Batoka Gorge, enjoy a thrilling adventure coupled with stunning views
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Abseil Zambia
This offers a wide range of activities that include gorge and tandem swinging, rap jumping, high wiring and whoopie sliding. With well trained and experienced instructors who have maintained a 100% safety record, Abseil Zambia uses only the best safety equipment and makes sure safety guidelines are followed.


An adventure sport, abseil down the Batoka Gorge, enjoy a thrilling adventure coupled with stunning views

Abseiling is an adventure sport that is fairly physically easy and extremely mentally challenging. However, it can be made as gentle or as challenging depending on the requirements as well as the participant's preference. Zambia offers you the opportunity to abseil down the Batoka Gorge and enjoy a thrilling adventure coupled with stunning views of the surrounding scenery. This descent is usually very slow, nerve-wracking and always aided by a professional guide. Abseiling requires one to be 10 years or above, no child below the age of 10 will be allowed to abseil. This is a great activity for those looking to experience a unique Zambian adventure with their feet off the ground.

Abseiling in Zambia

Abseiling is a fantastic way to face your fear of heights and experience the thrill of rappelling down a cliff. This is a great activity for the family and also team-building events. Companies that offer this service ensure that your experience is enjoyable but above all safe. You will be helmeted and attached to the main rope and safety rope from your harness, then you will be gently lowered over the platform. Slowly the rope is let out as you make your way down the rock face, you will definitely improve with each attempt and you can go down as often as time allows. Giving you control over how quickly or how slowly you descend, each descent can be tailored to the individual, making abseiling one of the most fulfilling outdoor activities. When you reach the ground, you have the choice of walking out or being pulled back up. The hike out of the gorge is a steep slope (a person of average fitness can manage this in approximately 20 minutes).


Abseiling does not require you to have prior experience, you will receive full instructions from knowledgeable and experienced guides on how to go about abseiling, this will also give you a chance to ask any questions you may have. All the necessary equipment will be provided, so you will be as safe as possible. Abseiling is certainly an experience like no other, it will heighten your senses as you descend and leave you with a great sense of achievement.

What you will need to bring:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Carry comfortable clothes
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent
  • A camera to capture your abseil experience
  • Money if you wish to purchase a DVD of you abseiling

Equipment used for abseiling include:

  • Ropes: Static rope is considered the best, but usually dynamic rope is used.
  • Anchors: Usually constructed from trees, boulders, ice or rock features, using webbing/cordellete, or rock climbing equipment, some areas have fixed anchors such as bolts or pitons.
  • A descender: A friction device or friction hitch that allows rope to be played out in a controlled fashion, under load, with a minimal effort by the person controlling it.
  • Climbing harness: This is fixed around the waist or whole body and is used to secure the descender. This fit is important to prevent suspension trauma.
  • Safety back-up: Typically a friction hitch such as a prusik, Klemheist knot, or autoblock knot wrapped around the rope as to prevent uncontrolled descents.
  • Helmets: Helmets are used to protect the head from bumps and falling rocks.
  • Gloves: Used to protect hands from the rope and from colliding with the wall.
  • Boots or climbing shoes: These are used to increase friction against the rock.