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Companies offering driving lessons for driving tests and general driving skills improvement
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Central Driving School
Driving schools
Central Driving School is one of Zambia's leading providers of professional driving lessons. Their customers include, company sponsored learner drivers, NGOs sponsored, foreign investors requiring a Zambian driving license and security personnel. Others include tax drivers, personal drivers and VIP drivers.

Driving schools

Companies offering driving lessons for driving tests and general driving skills improvement

Driving lessons are essential for those wanting to take a driving test to obtain a licence, or for individuals seeking to improve their driving skills, whether for motor vehicle drivers or motor bike riders. Highlighted here is a variety of driving schools and details of where they are found in Zambia.

Would you like to take driving lessons in Zambia and go through licence examination? Driving schools offer driver training, defensive driving, elementary mechanics, driver assessments and more. Choose a driving school that is a member of the Driving Schools Association of Zambia. Look for one which provides lessons to both new and old drivers and has well qualified instructors that have helped thousands pass their test.

Driving schools in this section of Infobwana aim to provide students with quality courses, supported by technological equipment and vehicles suitable for practical instruction. Their courses are designed to teach you how to drive safely, and improve your driving skills as well as driver culture.

A good driving school will transfer to its students road values, positive habits and attitudes of coexistence, quality of life and road safety, in order to meet the needs of society with road awareness.

Driving courses offered

  • A full course of car driving
  • A half course of car driving
  • Refresher car driving course
  • A full course of truck driving lessons
  • An intermediate course of truck driving
  • Defensive driving

Driving is never as simple as putting the keys in the ignition and putting the pedal to the metal. There are many elements and variables that are present when a person gets behind the wheel of a car to enter the roadways. Driver training covers a lot of skills and knowledge needed to ensure the safety of a driver, their passengers, and everyone else on the streets. The skills one can expect to learn from driving lessons are:

  • Rules/laws of the roads
  • Responsibilities of the driver
  • Turning
  • Switching lanes
  • Basic vehicle introduction
  • Driving straight on and backing up
  • Parking
  • In-traffic driving
  • Using U-turns and roundabouts
  • Driving on the highways and freeways
  • Rights of pedestrians and bicyclists

Browse through the driving schools here on Infobwana and choose the best school that most closely meets your requirements.