Vehicle storage businesses in Zambia

Indoor and outdoor car storage with tyre checks, cleaning. also exercising engines of vehicles
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The Big Green Box
The Big Green Box has a specialised, highly secure vehicle storage facility that can accommodate cars, trucks, boats, tractors or trailers. The Big Green Box is the solution to your constant worry of where to leave your car when you travel. Rent a storage space and have peace of mind about the safety of your vehicle.

Vehicle storage

Indoor and outdoor car storage with tyre checks, cleaning. also exercising engines of vehicles

A selection of companies that provide vehicle storage services to meet all your needs. If you are looking for a place to store your vehicle, check this section for companies and individuals who offer vehicle storage services in Zambia. Companies are available that provide indoor and outdoor car storage facilities that allow you to relax in the knowledge that your vehicle is in safe hands. Cars and motorbikes can be monitored with tyre checks and cleaning and also exercising vehicles regularly to keep engines in optimal condition. For your convenience, some companies provide a broad range of other services such as valeting, private long term contracts are also available for individuals. Secure your car in a safe place that will maintain the car in perfect condition.

Vehicle storage is a self-storage unit specifically designed to house a car or other type of vehicle. A garage or parking space that you rent within a self-storage facility, with similar benefits depending on the storage company and unit that you choose, such as on-site security, gated access, and climate control.

Types of vehicle storage:

  • Uncovered parking spaces
  • Covered parking spaces
  • Shared indoor units
  • Personal enclosed units

It’s important to choose the type that’s best suited for your car itself, particularly if your car is highly valuable or antique.

Uncovered parking spaces

This type of vehicle storage isn’t so much an individual unit as it is a parking space that you rent for a set duration.

Covered parking spaces

If you’d prefer to have your vehicle protected from things like sun, rain, then consider a covered parking space. These are generally housed in a large carport shared by many vehicles, with open walls and a roof overhead. This type of storage doesn’t offer quite as much protection as an enclosed unit.

Shared indoor units

These warehouse-sized lots house multiple cars in a shared enclosure, with full protection from outdoor elements. They’re a cheaper option than renting your own enclosed unit since you’re sharing the space with others.

Personal enclosed units

You can drive your car right in and out of these units so you don’t have to worry about access, and many self-storage facilities offer additional options such as climate control and live-streaming to your unit so you can check on your vehicle as needed.

Most self-storage facilities also offer storage options for RVs, boats, and other large vehicles, including both enclosed and unenclosed units. Tack on an additional $50 a month or so if you are going to be renting a climate-controlled unit.

Getting your car ready for storage

Vehicle storage is a safe way to store your car until you need it again.

Get a maintenance check

It’s a good idea to get some basic maintenance performed on your vehicle This should include having someone check your coolant levels and tire pressure, and may also require a change of your oil and filter. Let your maintenance provider know that the car will be going into storage and they should be able to assist you on the best next steps.

Clean your car

Whether you decide to get a car wash prior to putting your vehicle into storage depends largely on personal preference, but at the very least you should clean out the interior and remove anything that you don’t want going into storage,

Get a battery maintainer

A battery maintainer, also called a float charger, will help keep your vehicle’s battery from dying while in storage. have to worry about overcharging

using an enclosed unit then crack your windows slightly to facilitate air flow and keep the interior from getting musty.

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