Vehicle security & tracking businesses in Zambia

Portable devices that allow a car owner to monitor and locate their car when needed
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Asif Electrical
Vehicle security & tracking
Asif Electrical offers a web-based, real-time GPS vehicle tracking system that shows vehicle movements on maps displaying the location, route, stops and speed status of the vehicle 24/7. An easy-to-use android version is also available.
Ctrack Intelligent Solutions
Vehicle security and tracking
Ctrack Intelligent Solutions range of products are based on the latest technology using GPS, GSM and GPRS. The company installs trackers on motorcycles, personal vehicles, buses, trucks, mining equipment and even helicopters and boats, allowing you to monitor your vehicles from any computer or phone with access to internet.
Pro-Watch Ltd
Vehicle security and tracking
Get peace of mind with the Pro-Watch fleet management service! This system enables companies to manage and monitor not only their fleets and other assets, but also fuel. It is suitable for motor vehicles, motorbikes, earth-moving machinery, heavy machinery, cargo and indeed anything that needs to be located remotely.
Tracker Zambia Ltd
Vehicle security and tracking
Tracker Zambia is a fully registered Zambian company committed to providing the Zambian market with technological products and services that promise quality and reliability in fleet management and tracking. Company policy is to provide products and installation, alongside dependable after-sale services.
Tau Risk Consultants
Vehicle security and tracking
Tau Risk Consultants offers world class vehicle security and tracking services. The company's array of trackers are vital tools for monitoring either a single car or an entire fleet of vehicles. Real-time car tracking devices give users up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, including text or email alerts.
Altech Netstar Zambia Ltd
Vehicle security and tracking
Using the Altech Netstar fleet management and vehicle recovery system, the control centre is fitted with vehicle tracking devices. A GPS receiver in the VBU unit (installed in the vehicle) allows the control centre to locate the vehicle. Harsh breaking, acceleration and excessive idling can all be identified.
Magnum Security
Vehicle tracking and recovery (Netstar)
Owning the franchise for Netstar Vehicle tracking and recovery in Zambia, Magnum Security Company offers reliable vehicle tracking services. The system is designed to track and recover vehicles in case of theft. Get in touch with Magnum today. Their helpful team will recommend the best vehicle tracking solution for you.
Onsite Energy Zambia
Tracking systems
Onsite Energy Zambia provides smart cost-saving solutions for asset management, theft prevention and remote monitoring/tracking. Their goal is to provide technology solutions that help customers reduce their costs and improve their ROI.

Vehicle security & tracking

Portable devices that allow a car owner to monitor and locate their car when needed

Find a selection of companies that provide services to meet all your corporate vehicle security needs, including tracking and recovery after theft in Zambia. Find details on companies that offer these services on this section of the site. Find a specialist company in GPS satellite tracking and fleet management, GPS fuel monitoring with internet, email, mobile surveillance that can provide an advanced, end-to-end, fleet management solution based on data collection and communication devices installed in the vehicle and powerful yet simple-to-use back-office software. The solution could be integrated with a remote fuel monitoring solution or remote diagnostics tool to provide a comprehensive remote performance monitoring service for vehicles.

The positioning system is controlled by different tracking stations located around the globe. These stations pick up microwave carrier signals transmitted by the satellites, and the GPS receivers convert these signals into data such as velocity, time, and position.

GPS Trackers are small, portable devices that allow a car owner to monitor and locate their car when needed. They also have the potential to offer instant location, speed, and direction data.

Vehicle tracking systems, as the name suggest, allow tracking of vehicles in its most basic function. Other functions include vehicle tracking performance and maintenance, driver’s performance, but also facilitates fuel management and dispatching, sends alerts and notifications, prevents thefts and provides reports and enables analysis of these reports. More functionalities are possible, however, that depends on the company offering fleet management solutions.

Passive and active tracking

Vehicle tracking systems can be divided into passive and active. Passive tracking systems collect and save all the information, which will be later retrieved. Active tracking systems collect and send information in real-time, which offers more advantages.

Benefits of vehicle tracking

Among the benefits of using a vehicle tracking system, we can find cost-saving, discounts on insurance, improved safety of employees and fleet, better service for customers, improved time and employee management as well as administration and theft prevention.


A vehicle tracking system can bring the advantage of better financial management.

Discounts on insurance

Cost-saving and cost-cutting can be further facilitated by discounts offered by insurance companies.

Safety of drivers and trucks

Thanks to vehicle tracking systems it is possible to reduce traffic accidents, as well as avoid any problems on the way, traffic jams and construction on the roads.

Better service for customers

All the information gained from the vehicle tracking system can lead into better management of all business processes. That also includes better service for the customers, as it is possible to see the route, stops, idle time and possible arrival time.

Employee management

A vehicle tracking system can bring the advantage of better employee management thanks to information on fuel management and monitoring of drivers’ behaviour.

Improved administration

The administration is facilitated by vehicle tracking systems.

Time management

Improved administration can add to better time management and can be improved also thanks to better employee management, fuel management, monitoring of driver’s behaviour, route tracking

Theft Prevention

Among the very common features of vehicle tracking systems is theft prevention. This feature sends alerts and notifications whenever a suspicious behaviour occurs and allows a quick reaction to this behaviour.

Improved lifecycle management

With tracking systems, it is possible to improve lifecycle management - with information such as technical information on the vehicle (engine, tyres and more), with known driver behaviour and information on idle time, maintenance time and service needed.

Vehicle utilization

Thanks to all the information gained from vehicle tracking systems, vehicles will be used more efficiently - from more efficient use of fuel, better driver behaviours, better routes are taken, the possibility to avoid traffic and construction, but also employee fraud avoidance can lead to better vehicle utilization.

There are many advantages to using a vehicle tracking system in fleet management. However, to make the most out of the vehicle tracking system, prior thorough research on different systems is needed in order to ensure a cost-effective choice.