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Assist in the legal documentation of your car or fleet of vehicles and traffic management
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Muntu Air Partner image
Muntu Air Partner
Pilot services
For short or long term pilot hire, Muntu Air Partner has you covered. The company has a number of skilled ferry pilots who can relocate an aircraft, or man an aircraft over a period of days, weeks or even months. And a Muntu Air safety pilot will ensure all protocols are in place and adhered to on any flight, for complete peace of mind. These ferry pilots are skilled and experienced, in order to handle various challenges during their flights, such as different weather conditions, navigation issues, and varying aircraft types.
Naveo Solutions Ltd image
Naveo Solutions Ltd
Vehicle Workshop and Field service management
Through the Naveo cloud-based workshop management package, you can efficiently manage the scheduling of vehicle servicing, maintenance and related costs, as well as handling breakdowns, accidents and repair job cards. The Naveo garage management solution is designed to help you easily schedule client appointments and find vacant time slots, while Naveo field service management helps organisations manage tasks performed in the field.
Charipe Investments Ltd
Transport consultants
Are you a business owner or individual that wants to know about various shipping procedures? Charipe Investments offers professional shipping consultancy services including routing advice, marine insurance and customs clearance assistance, as well as payment of import duty and relevant taxes.

Transport consultants

Assist in the legal documentation of your car or fleet of vehicles and traffic management

A selection of companies that provide vehicle consultancy services to meet all your needs. If you are looking for advice on the different modes of transport or general advice on vehicles, check this section for companies and individuals who offer vehicle consultancy services. A consulting company can assist in the legal document management of your car or fleet of vehicles. Provide modelling services clients to understand the implications of transport schemes and interventions, design or assess traffic management solutions. Find consultants that can produce area-wide transport strategies and supporting evidence for policy frameworks and transport investment prioritisation, plans for local services like parking, road safety and traffic management, and improvement schemes.

The traffic management operations have experience in providing safe temporary traffic management services. Temporary traffic management is a hazardous activity and because there is little margin for error

Services provide are:

  • Road closures with diversions
  • Lane closures
  • Narrow lane schemes
  • Major and minor contraflows
  • Stop / Go working
  • Concrete, steel and plastic barrier protection
  • Special event management

Traffic signage

The transport consultants provide procurement, installation, maintenance and removal of traffic signs as per customer requirements.

Road markings

Transport consultants ensure that all road marking done meets the requirements of the Zambian traffic control regulations

Road marking services: thermoplastic paint, two components cold plastic paint, cold paint and cycle track coating.