Truck & Bus maintenance businesses in Zambia

Assistance at all times handle the maintenance, servicing, repair of trucks and buses
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FleetCare of America
Heavy duty truck maintenance
With a highly qualified and experienced mobile team of technicians, FleetCare of America offers a full range of commercial vehicle maintenance services. The company uses state of the art equipment to offer its clients to deliver the highest standards of service whilst still offering exceptional value for money.
Hualong Automobile Investment Ltd
Truck maintenance
Focusing on minimising your operating costs, Hualong Automobile Investment offers a full range of truck maintenance services to help you keep your vehicle on the road. The company uses up-to-date maintenance technology matched with highly-trained and professional staff.
Tandem Trailer Tech
Truck and Bus maintenance
Tandem Trailer Tech provides quality repair services for trucks, trailers and buses. With its highly trained team, it offers full fleet repairs as well as collision repair for clients and insurance companies - complete body repair, fabrication and refurbishment. Contact Tandem for a free estimate.
Henred Fruehauf
Service and Maintenance
Located in Zambia as well as 17 other African countries, Henred Fruehauf provides maintenance and repair services for all kinds of trucks. Using some of the best technology in the industry, and a highly trained work force, the company ensures all vehicles are serviced and repaired to the best standard possible.
Keylayne Trading Industries - KTI Zambia
Truck and Bus maintenance
With a highly skilled team and up to date equipment and technology, Keylayne Trading Industries (KTI Zambia) provides professional maintenance services for a wide selection of commercial trucks and buses. The company also offers a countrywide, 24-hour emergency breakdown facility, with fully equipped standby vehicles, as well as day servicing on a pre-booked system.
Ambient Automotive Services & Parts Ltd
Truck and Bus maintenance
With a state-of-the-art workshop, Ambient Automotive Services and Parts offers complete maintenance services for IVECO vehicles. The workshop provides warranty services, electronic diagnostics and troubleshooting, minor and major diagnostics, on and off road breakdown services, as well as a full range of support services.
Kinglong Motors Zambia Ltd
Truck and Bus maintenance
With a fully equipped workshop and highly skilled technicians, Kinglong Motors Zambia provides professional Higer truck/bus maintenance services. Maintenance services offered include but not limited to oil change, lubrication, brakes, differential, clutch, engine, hydraulics, cooling system and radiator.

Truck & Bus maintenance

Assistance at all times handle the maintenance, servicing, repair of trucks and buses

Competition in the Zambian transport business has more stringent requirements and increasing cost pressure. Anyone who wants to be successful today needs not only high-performance, reliable and economical vehicles, but also a professional partner offering an optimum range of maintenance services for their trucks and buses. Reduce the risk of unexpected repair costs and take the pressure off your team by letting dedicated service companies offering specialist staff and professional assistance at all times handle the maintenance, servicing and repair of your trucks and buses in Zambia. This can lower your fleet costs effectively and increase its efficiency significantly. Thus unburdened and freed up, you can focus completely on your core activities.

Vehicle maintenance (e.g., brakes, lights, other mechanical defects, and load securement) is one of the seven behaviour analysis and safety improvement categories for the measurement of carrier safety.

A profitable fleet always needs to be on the move. Repair services for trucks and buses mean you can minimize your downtimes. Prompt repair service, reliable error diagnosis as well as fast replacement of truck and bus units – also on-site if required. A proven commercial vehicle spare parts service and, with excellently trained employees guarantee your satisfaction and safety.

Tried-and-tested quality and technical superiority: based on requirements, current market value or at a fixed price, repair services give you the planning and reliability you need.

Tailor-made unit repairs, minimized downtimes, Tried-and-tested quality and technical superiority: based on requirements, current market value or at a fixed price. Find Zambian repair services that give you the planning reliability you need here.

Major construction sites and corporations around the globe rely on their vehicles to get the job done. However, with every use of these machines comes the task of maintaining them in order for them to function at their normal levels. Trucks and buses move on an almost daily basis with wear and tear being applied to them frequently, and they need to be serviced regularly to avoid accelerated levels of breakdown. Here, we take a look at Zambian companies that can check and keep an eye on when using your truck or bus to help keep it in top shape.