Taxis businesses in Zambia

Find taxi companies, chauffeur-driven cars, for hire to carry passengers by meter, zone or a flat rate


Find taxi companies, chauffeur-driven cars, for hire to carry passengers by meter, zone or a flat rate

Taxis are a convenient and easy way to get to your destination in Zambia in all the major towns and cities. They are at the entrance and exit of most major business centres, hotels airports and bus terminals. Some can be booked on a long term basis when visiting or doing business in a town or city, whilst most others only operate on a short term. The best way to deal with taxi prices in Zambia is to establish what price range you're willing to pay so that you are able to negotiate with the taxi driver. However, you should note that metered taxis are making a comeback. Some taxis play a major role in tour guiding in Zambia especially in tourist areas like Livingstone. Find established taxi companies in these listings.

Taxis are chauffeur-driven cars that are available for hire to carry passengers between any two points within a city or its suburbs for a fare that could be determined by a meter or zone system or a flat rate. In Zambia taxi's may be organized in any of the following three ways; they may have regular employees who drive cabs owned by the company; they may use lessees, or independent contractors, who lease cabs from a company and pay a regular fee for the use of the vehicle; or they may consist of owner-drivers, who drive vehicles which they themselves own. In Zambia taxi services, with official cabs are typically blue or grey in colour and these are not metered, but instead, run at a fixed rate.

Taxi ranks in Zambia

Taxis in Zambia are conveniently located for easy access so you will have no difficulty getting a taxi. There are busy ranks outside each terminal and you will also find taxis outside major shopping malls. In Zambia taxi cabs wait at the entrance to most major centres, these can be ordered by phoning ahead or hailing from the street.

Taxi App Zambia

With just a click on your mobile device, you can have a taxi at your doorstep. Instead of hailing a taxi or waiting for a bus, just request a car with the tap of a button, and get picked up by a nearby friendly driver who will take you to your destination right away. Download the taxi App and key in your destination, the App will locate you and connect you with a nearby driver. You can request for a taxi using the taxi App and the taxi driver is able to know your location without being told. The App even provides customers with estimated fares and the details of the driver who is coming to give them a ride. With this App, you never have to haggle with drivers on payments as the fare calculator produces a cost based on the departure and destination address through clear and transparent pricing.

Passenger responsibilities

Passengers must abide by the following requirements:

Fare payment

When hiring a taxi, a passenger has entered into a legal agreement to pay the metered fare or standard price.

Wearing of seat belts

All passengers must wear seat belts and ensure that any person under their control who is 16 years old or younger is also wearing a seat belt or appropriate restraint.

Number of passengers permitted to be carried in the taxi

A taxi driver is not permitted to carry more passengers than the number which the cab is licensed to carry, this number is indicated on the vehicle. Therefore, a passenger cannot request the driver to carry more than the permitted number of passengers.

Consumption of alcohol and carrying open alcohol containers

Passengers must not consume alcohol or carry open containers which hold, or say they contain, alcohol while travelling in a taxi.