Hospital equipment & furniture businesses in Zambia

Includes stretcher, hospital bed, bedside table, operating table, chair and so on
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AfriCorp Healthcare Systems Ltd image
AfriCorp Healthcare Systems Ltd
Hospital planning and management services
The journey of a hospital from concept to commissioning undergoes a series of steps, procedures and techniques that eventually culminate into a world-class institution. AfriCorp Healthcare Systems specialises in turnkey projects for hospital planning and management services helping organisations achieve clinical integration and value-based care. As a hospital consultant, this company believes one has to envisage and factor in the highly dynamic fields of both medicine and technology to keep the hospital state of the art at all times.
B Square Ltd
Hospital equipment & furniture
B Square specialize in a broad spectrum of quality hospital equipment and furniture, namely medical beds, delivery beds, patient transport trolleys, medical carts, instrument trolleys, examination tables, overbed tables and other hospital peripherals and accessories.
Asian Medicos Enterprise
Hospital equipment & furniture
Asian Medicos Enterprise offers a comprehensive range of hospital equipment and furniture. The company supplies operation theatre equipments, X-ray equipments, dental chairs and cabinets used in the medical fraternity and many more. These products are designed, manufactured and marketed to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Hospital equipment & furniture

Includes stretcher, hospital bed, bedside table, operating table, chair and so on

The one-stop category for all your medical needs at home and hospital for patient aids for all medical needs for the home include power mobility equipment, vehicle lifts, nebulizers, oxygen concentrators to ensure safe, comfortable convalesce and comply with your physician’s recommendations. Find providers of enteral and ostomy supplies, hospital beds, walkers, and adaptive supplies for activities of daily living, in addition to all other traditional durable medical equipment needs. The perfect lightweight wheelchair is a low-maintenance wheelchair that also has a full complement of options and accessories. Find the companies in Zambia that have a range of products that help make a patient’s life easier.

Find manufacturers of the highest quality hospital furniture and products that include a wide range of items suitable to the medical and hospital environment.

Hospital furniture and products

  • Drip stands
  • Overbed tables
  • Lockable cabinets
  • Dressing Trolleys
  • Examination couches
  • Gynaecology couches
  • Hi-Low beds
  • Instrument cabinets
  • Instrument trolleys
  • Kick-abouts
  • Leg and body cradles
  • Lifting poles
  • Operation stools
  • Poison cabinets
  • Linen receivers
  • Oxygen holders
  • X-ray viewing boxes
  • Bed end units
  • Infant cots
  • Juvenile beds
  • DDP cabinets

Hospital furniture is widely used in hospitals and health care centres. Hospital furniture includes stretcher, hospital bed, bedside table, operating table, blood donation chair and so on. They help meet the needs of patients and nursing staff.

Medical equipment required in a hospital

  • Patient monitor
  • Defibrillators
  • Ventilator
  • Infusion pump
  • Syringe pump
  • EKG/ECG machines
  • Haematology analyzer / Cell counter
  • Biochemistry analyzer
  • Cardiac monitors - to monitor vital signs.
  • Mechanical ventilator
  • Infusion pumps - to regulate the flow of medication titrated via a drip and through the infusion pump
  • Syringe pumps - where a syringe is used to titrate the medication to the patient
  • Suction machines.