Pest control businesses in Zambia

Insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, bactericides are all chemicals to control pests
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Pyanga Cleaning Services image
Pyanga Cleaning Services
Pest control
Pyanga’s pest control services covers more than eliminating persistent bugs or removing rodents. The company takes care of all your pest problems. Its professional team have seen it all when it comes to commercial and residential pest infestations, so you can be assured that Pyanga Cleaning Services is able to tackle any type of situation.
Zambian Crop and Veterinary Care Ltd image
Zambian Crop and Veterinary Care Ltd
Indoor residual sprays (IRS)
Treat the inside walls of your home, office or factory with indoor residual sprays (IRS) from Zambian Crop and Veterinary Care’s online store here on Infobwana. For several months, the insecticide will kill all insects that encounter these surfaces - preventing and disrupting the transmission of diseases such as malaria.
Nemchem International
Pest control
Lusaka +6
Nemchem International supplies pest control and fumigation services for residential and commercial properties. They can exterminate rodents, insects, termites, snakes, bees, bed bugs or cockroaches, all pests that damage property and foodstuffs, and that pose a threat and cause disease.
Metmin Ltd
Insect and mosquito traps
Metmin is one of the major distributors of the Dynatrap range of products and the Dynazap zapper in Zambia. Dynatrap traps and kills mosquitos, moths, biting flies, wasps and other flying insects without the use of pesticides or chemicals while the Dynazap kills hard-to-reach insects.
Rumphi Enterprises
Pest control
Rumphi Enterprises Ltd offers a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly pest control service for domestic and industrial clients. Their experience and comprehensive range of services, ensures they deliver the assurance that pest-related problems will be managed quickly, effectively, and responsibly, with minimal disruption to your facility.
Maxlin Enterprise Ltd
Pest control services
Lusaka +2
Pests are a nuisance and have the potential to spread diseases and cause damage to your property. You can prevent or get rid of these uninvited guests in your home, office, factory, shop, hotel or lodge by contacting Maxlin for effective pest control services to help you kill and control cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, ants, bees, wasps and more.
Prestige Hygiene Control
Pest control and crop fumigation
When it comes to residential and commercial pest control, Prestige Hygiene Control (PHC) has you covered. They will thoroughly evaluate your property and investigate the main causes of an infestation rather than simply treating the problem. The goal is to completely eradicate your pest problem. If you are into agriculture, PHC also does crop fumigation.

Pest control

Insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, bactericides are all chemicals to control pests

There are different types of pest control namely; biological, mechanical and physical. All these types involve chemicals and equipment available in Zambia from companies listed here. Find commercial pest management and residential pest control services companies in Zambia who can assist you to eliminate pests harmful to one’s health or the environment; protecting your family from cockroaches, rodents, flies, mosquitoes, harmful birds and many other pests. In Zambia, termites are considered to be amongst the most destructive pests. Ants on the premises can: infest and contaminate foodstuffs, contaminate sterile areas and invade hospitals.

Whenever you try to control a pest you will want to achieve one of these three goals. or some combination of them:

  • Prevention - keeping a pest from becoming a problem.
  • Suppression - reducing pest numbers or damage to an acceptable level,
  • Eradication - destroying an entire pest population.

In most pest control situations, the area to be protected should be monitored often. Regular monitoring can answer several important questions:

  • What kinds of pests are present?
  • Are the numbers great enough to warrant control?
  • When is the right time to begin control?
  • Have the control efforts successfully reduced the number of pests?

Integrated pest management is the combining of appropriate pest control tactics into a single plan to reduce pests and their damage to an acceptable level. Using many different tactics to control a pest problem tends to cause the least disruption to the living organisms and nonliving surroundings at the treatment site.

Find a pest control company near you that can help you manage pests in an environmentally friendly way in Zambia. They will be listed in this category.