Electrical services businesses in Zambia

Installation, servicing, repair, maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment
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Universal Electric Company
Consultancy Services
Universal Electric Company provides professional consultancy services on all aspects of electrical systems integration including solar power, variable speed drives, combined heat and power CHP as well as industrial and domestic electrical installations. The company has a highly trained team of consultants with hands-on experience.
KVA Power Solutions
Residential electrical
KVA Power Solutions offers high quality residential electrical services including upgrades, additional renovations, pool wiring, trouble shooting, building wiring, landscape lighting, street lighting, pump installation, air conditioners, service and maintenance. The technicians are all extensively trained with years of experience.

Electrical services

Installation, servicing, repair, maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment

The electrical services category highlights companies in Zambia that provide this service which includes the installation, servicing, repair and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. It covers the work of wiring, schemes of distribution and protection for lighting and power installations. Systems such as alarms and standby supplies are also taken care of by electricians.

The electrical services that are common home electrical projects are listed below:

  • Upgrade or add lighting fixtures
  • Upgrade or replace electrical outlets
  • Upgrade or replace the electrical panel
  • Take advantage of home automation
  • Add or repair ceiling fans
  • Install solar battery backup or generators
  • Electrical inspection of the installation
  • Detect faulty wiring

Find electrical services with qualified and experienced electricians in Zambia who can help with preventive electrical maintenance which will ensure that your organization is safe and reliable. Equally, it helps in minimizing the likelihood of disruption to your business, and this allows you to conduct your activities at maximum efficiency.