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Find a therapist or psychologist to help with emotional, psychological or social problems.
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Alcoholics Anonymous
Therapy and Counselling
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At Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, different groups of people gather to share one purpose which is to help families and friends of alcoholics solve their problem. Every meeting that takes place is strictly anonymous and free, the members do not have to worry about outsiders finding out what is going on in the meetings. Kindly view where the meetings are held and times by clicking on read more below.
The Hydrotherapy Centre
Developmental therapy
The Hydrotherapy Centre will organise and bring the therapists to you instead of you travelling to them. In addition they can arrange visits from nutritionists, counsellors, neuro therapists and many more. They cater for your needs and assisting in providing a comfortable balance to your life.

Therapy & Counselling

Find a therapist or psychologist to help with emotional, psychological or social problems.

Therapy and counselling are designed to help people deal with problems or make important decisions. This is done by professionals trained to use psychological methods using various techniques. There are different types of therapy and counselling in Zambia including individual work with one counsellor (speech therapy for example), group work with one or more counsellors (pre-marital counselling for example) or work with no counsellors at all (self-help groups for example). Find a therapist or clinical psychologist trained to help people who are experiencing emotional, psychological or social problems.

When deciding on an appropriate counsellor or psychotherapist, it can be useful to understand the different therapies they may use. Although all can be effective, you may find one approach more appealing than another, or find that some approaches are better for a certain area of counselling or psychotherapy than others. Keep in mind that the more education the practitioner has and the more liability they have, the more expensive their services will be. In this category find Zambian firms that offer highly skilled therapists and counselling professionals who are trained to work with children, young people, youths, adults, carers, other professionals and organisations or systems.

Therapy in Zambia

Therapy also called psychotherapy or counselling, is the process of meeting with a therapist to resolve problematic behaviours, beliefs, feelings, relationship issues, and/or somatic responses (sensations in the body). Many times, therapy is used in combination with prescription medicine for mental health disorders.

Modes of delivery

The primary modes of therapy offered typically include individual, couples, family, and group therapy, and different circumstances may call for different modes. Some therapy experts encourage group sessions while others insist on private one-on-one sessions, for instance. Some therapists take on a conversational tone with their patients, while others do far more listening than speaking. The techniques used by a therapist will vary according to the needs of the patient.

Counsellors in Zambia

In Zambia counsellors usually work in schools, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, among other locations, or they can maintain a private practice. Here are some of the most common types of counsellors:

  • Marriage and family counselling
  • Guidance and career counselling
  • Rehabilitation counselling
  • Mental health counselling
  • Substance abuse counselling
  • Educational counselling