Family planning & sexual health businesses in Zambia

Women need quality family planning and reproductive healthcare. Find out more

Family planning & sexual health

Women need quality family planning and reproductive healthcare. Find out more

In Zambian hospitals and clinics, family planning is one topic that is widely talked about. Planning when to have children is vital as it enables you to plan before the child is born. Family planning is planning intended to determine the number and spacing of one's children through birth control and it is also known as birth control or contraception. Find organizations that will assist with the information we need to make good decisions for ourselves on family planning and the subject of sexual health. Zambia's poorest and most vulnerable women need quality family planning and reproductive healthcare. Find out more about the organizations here.

Sexual health services in Zambia

The clinics provide confidential and non-judgmental sexual and reproductive health care.

Clinical services include contraception, STI testing and treatment, cervical screening, pregnancy testing, abortion referrals, PMS and menopause advice, HPV vaccinations, and advice and support for other sexual and reproductive health issues.

Sexual health clinics provide some or all of the following:

  • Information about safer sex, birth control, reproductive health and general sex education
  • Condoms
  • Sexual health examinations
  • Tests to detect some sexually transmitted infections
  • Antibiotics to cure chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis
  • Medications and other treatments
  • Vaccinations
  • Counseling and education
  • Emergency contraception
  • Urine test for pregnancy
  • Referrals for additional information or services

Family planning

Some clinics operate a bookings-based system while others offer a walk-in service. Family planning is a key component of reproductive health and one of the most effective interventions for the attainment of the high level of reproductive health. It plays a major role in the reduction of maternal and newborn mortality and hence contributes to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Family planning is recognized as a key intervention for improving the health of women, men and children.

Family planning methods in Zambia

Family planning methods currently available in Zambia, include low-dose combined oral contraceptives, progesterone-only pills, progesterone-only injectables, contraceptive implants, copper intrauterine devices, emergency contraception, male sterilization, female sterilization, natural family planning methods, male condoms, female condoms and the lactational amenorrhoea method. For each family planning method, there is information on method's mode of action and efficacy, advantages, disadvantages, side effects and how to manage them, time until fertility returns, standards for service provision, and medical eligibility criteria.