Premier lounges businesses in Zambia

Exclusive experience, convenience, hospitality. comfortable seating, food and beverage items
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Great Wall Casino image
Great Wall Casino
VIP lounge
Situated just off the main casino floor, this salon privé caters for VIP players who wish to play higher stakes on table games. This service is only available to top players. The salon privé maintains a relaxed and comfortable ambience, ensuring privacy, intimacy and security. The space includes dedicated staff to cater for the players' every need.
Emperor Palace Casino
Premier lounges
Senators Lounge is a private gaming area accessible to members only, membership is by special invite. It provides clients the highest level of customer service, comfort, privacy, discretion and security. This area has higher limit slots and tables all with their own progressive systems and mystery jackpots.
The Web
Premier lounges
The web's stylish lounge features modern décor completed with a friendly and attentive team of staff serving a wide range of cocktails and beverages and a variety of light snack. This is a perfect venue for those who wish to have an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere.
Majestic Casino
Sports bar
The Sports Bar caters for your social, entertainment and sporting needs. Enjoy a selection of drinks with colleagues or friends while you watch sports and other entertainment in an invigorating atmosphere. This ultra modern bar is right next to the Venus restaurant – ideal for those who wish to have a meal later on.
Lusaka Golf Club
Premier lounges
The Lusaka golf lounge is a great place to meet your friends and colleagues to enjoy a delicious range of snacks complimented with a good selection of beers, wines and spirits. Inside you'll find a warm ambience spread across a relaxed sofa lounge and dining area with stylish corner bar.

Premier lounges

Exclusive experience, convenience, hospitality. comfortable seating, food and beverage items

A premier lounge in Zambia is a facility that is usually part of a restaurant, nightclub or airport. It offers an exclusive venue for clients to take their special guests, whether that’s a group of visiting investors, an important business colleague, a very special someone or anyone else you want to impress! Premier lounges are great for parties that are planned to be private and away from the crowd. This exclusive experience is a premium service within the restaurant or nightclub. A premier lounge will strive to provide a fantastic atmosphere for your celebration whatever the occasion and often have full private bars as well as full in-house services.

Premier lounges in Zambia

Premier lounges offer a more exclusive experience with enhanced privacy, convenience and hospitality. They usually also provide a wide variety of desired amenities, including comfortable seating, recharging stations, food and beverage items, high-speed Wi-Fi signals, private rooms within the lounge, internet workstations, and shower rooms, though the availability of each of these specific amenities may vary depending on the lounge.

Airports premier lounges in Zambia

Escape the noise and chaos of the terminal and enjoy the ultimate getaway before your departure. Delight in a host of luxurious amenities at the premier lounge, including complimentary Wi-Fi, and refreshing shower facilities. Designed for the needs of frequent flyers, business and leisure travellers in Zambia, the premier clubs offer a quiet sanctuary away from the crowd. Experience a quiet getaway before starting your day of meetings, or a fun-filled day exploring exciting destinations on a neighbour island, or anywhere around the world. Airlines operate airline lounges as a service to premium passengers, usually, passengers flying first class and business class, with high-level frequent flier status, and premium travel credit card memberships. Besides offering more comfortable seating, lounges usually provide complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and light snacks. Some airport lounges offer cuisine with a wide selection of dining options, prepared using the freshest ingredients.

Restaurant premier lounges in Zambia

With secluded and atmospheric dining areas, Zambian restaurants offer exclusive premier lounges perfect for your private dining needs, be it a business meeting or an intimate celebration. Some restaurants in Zambia offer premier lounges with indoor or outdoor private dining in a quiet and relaxed setting as you enjoy your meals. Premier lounges in restaurants offer an extensive menu prepared with high-quality ingredients, the chefs are creative and the sous-chefs are usually well-trained to carry out the chef’s instructions. These lounges have well-stocked bars with top of the line liquor and a good selection of wine and champagne, they also offer a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks.

Nightclub premier lounges in Zambia

Guests can relax in the spacious and comfortable lounge bar area's and have some intimacy with friends, family or partners. These lounges offer a quieter environment and often better access to customer service representatives. Premier lounges in nightclubs feature modern décor completed with an attentive team of staff serving, it also caters for your social, entertainment and sporting needs. Your drinks will be served to you in the lounge, and staff will be on standby in case you need anything else.

Casino premier lounges in Zambia

Casino premier lounges have rooms that are usually or completely separate, self-contained gaming rooms, which offer clients the highest level of customer service, comfort, privacy, discretion and security. Chefs often provide a comprehensive set menu for their guests. Food is prepared with high-quality ingredients to ensure only the very best meals are prepared. In order to access premium gaming rooms, you need to be a member of the casino premier lounge or have an invitation.