Food grade chemicals businesses in Zambia

Suppliers of food-grade chemicals to the food industry and manufacturers of food products
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ETG Cure Chem Zambia Ltd image
ETG Cure Chem Zambia Ltd
Food and beverages chemicals
ETG Cure Chem Zambia supplies chemicals of the highest quality suitable for the manufacture of food products including flavours and preservatives for human consumption. Their range of chemicals are sourced from reputable manufacturers and conform to all the relevant international standards.
Freddy Hirsch
Food ingredients
Do you run a meat processing company? Freddy Hirsch manufactures and supplies a wide selection of ingredients for various products including boerewors, braaiwors, burgers, meat mixes, biltong, droewors, salami, cabanossi, bacon, ham, vienna, Russian sausages, polonies, loaves, brines, marinades, sauces, rubs, sprinkles and seasonings, breadings and coatings.
Chemsol Ltd
Food processing and water treatment chemicals
For many years, this company has been distributing a selection of high-performance chemicals to the food processing and water treatment industry. A highly trained team is on hand to recommend the best solutions to each customer’s unique operations. Chemsol’s commitment to providing quality products makes it the smart choice!

Food grade chemicals

Suppliers of food-grade chemicals to the food industry and manufacturers of food products

Food grade chemicals are used in the production of food for things like colouring and flavours. Companies in this section supply food grade chemicals to the food industry and manufacturers of food products in Zambia. There is a wide range of food-grade chemicals; Find companies that adhere to the most exacting standards of the foods chemical industry. From kosher chemical ingredients to heart-healthy chemical ingredients, hundreds of grade chemical ingredients are manufactured, packaged and stored to help you get your products to market safer and sooner.

Here is a shortlist of food-grade chemicals

  • Monosodium Glutamate.
  • Polyether Polyol.
  • Anti Caking Agents.
  • Food Grade Silicone.
  • Magnesium Trisilicate.
  • Calcium Alginate.
  • Flour Whitener.
  • Lauryl Alcohol.

Find the Zambian companies that supply Food-grade chemicals which is an additive that is safe for consumption. By adding these types of ingredients to your products, you can modify texture, acidify and preserve foods and drinks in addition to creating a distinct splash of flavour.

Food grade material means material made of substances that are safe and suitable for their intended use, which shall not change in the composition of the food and transfer harmful or toxic substances into the food it is holding. Supplied by companies in this category.