Agricultural tractors businesses in Zambia

Used to pull farm implements for ploughing, planting, harvesting & cultivating crops.
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Tractorzam Ltd
Agricultural tractors
Tractorzam is the sole supplier in Zambia of Valtra Hightech Tractors from Finland and Valtra Standard Spec Tractors from Brazil. Valtra tractors are renowned for their quality and reliability and are sold in over 75 countries worldwide. The company also stocks agricultural implements, sprayers and spares for farm equipment.

Agricultural tractors

Used to pull farm implements for ploughing, planting, harvesting & cultivating crops.

Tractors are used on farms to mechanize agricultural activities. Tractors are an essential necessity of farming as they provide mechanical power for performing farm operations. From routine landscape maintenance, lawn care, clearing bushes & spreading fertilizers the tractors are used to pull a variety of farm implements for ploughing, planting, harvesting & cultivating crops. They also help in hauling materials & personal transportation. To satisfy specific farm requirements the tractors are available in a wide range. Compact tractors are ideal for landscaping jobs, ploughing large fields & pastures, planting with seed drills, harvesting operation and much more.

A tractor is used for the mechanization of agricultural work such as tillage. Today tractors for farming are used for ploughing, cultivating the soil and planting fields. Tractors are used for a variety of tasks including shrubs, landscaping, moving or spreading fertilizer, and lawn maintenance.

Types of tractors, each suitable for a specific business:

A hydraulically driven tractor to work in a garden, a pasture.

A small or compact tractor is suitable for landscaping and digging work.

A subcompact tractor transports compost, mowing the field and cultivates the soil. Tractor for running on a small farm to mechanize agricultural work.

General-purpose tractors come in a variety of models. There is also a wide range of agricultural implements that can be connected to auxiliary tractors to help carry out many different tough works on the farm. In particular, these are loaders or rear hoes for a much wider range of performances