Industrial dry cleaning & laundry businesses in Zambia

Cater to business laundry needs - hospitals, schools, hotels or institutions.
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Classique Cleaners
Industrial dry cleaning & laundry
Lusaka +10
Classique Cleaners provide contracted commercial dry cleaning and laundry services for organisations with bulk high volume laundry requirements. From hotel beddings to staff uniforms, Classique Cleaners services come complete with collection and delivery options.

Industrial dry cleaning & laundry

Cater to business laundry needs - hospitals, schools, hotels or institutions.

For medical centres and those in the hospitality sector, there is a constant need for industrial dry cleaning and laundry services. If you're looking to outsource this aspect of your business, you'll be interested to find out who is offering these services - from dry cleaning of curtains to washing and ironing of bed linen.

Industrial dry cleaning operations typically cater to business laundry needs. These large laundry facilities work with each wash load averaging 250 kg. These industrial facilities utilize the transfer method of cleaning. This means they use multiple machines throughout the cleaning cycle. Typical processes have two separate wash tanks. The first has charged solvent and the second has pure solvent. The charged solvent contains added stain removing chemicals. Having two stages of solvent baths ensures large quantity loads are completely cleansed in an industrial washer.

You will find Zambian companies to approach for industrial-scale dry cleaning and laundry. With many clothes or groups of garments, the general rule is if it rubs up right next to your skin all day long, it should be washed or dry cleaned after each wearing. Bath towels, wash after 3-4 uses and more often if you sweat excessively or if you work out regularly, making sure to hang it up between uses to dry.