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A foreign embassy is a particular country’s official base in Lusaka, Zambia. Embassies are listed here
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Embassy of Ireland in Zambia provides a wide range of consular services for Irish citizens, Zambians and other nationals. Services include, but not limited to, visas, citizenship, document authentication and emergency assistance. The embassy focuses on promoting Irish culture and economic interests.
The Embassy of Egypt in Lusaka provides a full range of consular services to Zambians, Egyptians and international citizens in the country. The embassy focuses on promoting friendly relations between Zambia and Egypt. It also develops economic and cultural relations between the two countries.
Embassy of Zimbabwe in Zambia develops and maintains relations between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The embassy provides consular assistance to Zimbabwean citizens in Zambia, as well as information and advice to persons or organisations wishing to visit or do business with, or in Zambia.
Swedish citizens can get information, contacts or other support, assistance when having difficulties going back to Sweden, information on the local medical system and resources, new Swedish passports or identity cards (if lost, stolen or damaged) or those that want to vote in Swedish elections. Zambians can apply for visas.
The Embassy of Italy in Zambia is responsible for issuance of visas and looking after the welfare of Zambians in countries of accreditation. Other services include facilitating passport renewal, issuance of travel documents of identity, issuance of Nulla Osta (marriage declarations) to Zambian nationals marrying in Italy and more.
Committed to building positive partnerships with Zambia, the Embassy of Somalia in Zambia has strengthened ties between the countries. It offers its services to Somalis and Zambians and handles government-to-government diplomacy. The embassy also promotes trade, investment and tourism.
Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Zambia provides consular services to Chinese, Zambian and other nationals. It is the official representation of China in Zambia, covering all matters concerning diplomatic relations. The embassy has a mission to expand existing links between Zambia and China.
The Embassy of the Democratic Republican of Congo in Zambia offers a wide range of services including passports, visas, citizenship, authenticating documents, and travel advice. It also assists Zambian companies with capacity building on trade related issues such as export procedures and international trade rules.
Denmark's consulate is committed to providing Danes, Zambians and other nationals living in Zambia with a complete range of services. For travel advice, other EU countries' travel advice information can be used. The Norwegian Embassy is currently handling residence and work permit applications on behalf of this consulate.
The Embassy of France in Zambia offers consular services to french citizens and issues travel documents to foreigners. The embassy also provides services for french companies interested in investing in Zambia. The embassy promotes, strengthens and maintains the bilateral relations between France and Zambia.
U.S. Embassy in Zambia
The American Embassy in Zambia reports on political and economic issues that affect bilateral relations and possibly impact the U.S. directly as well as to help U.S. businesses to find partners and customers. It also sponsors American scientists, scholars, and artists to promote professional, educational and cultural exchanges.
Germany has maintained strong relations with Zambia, being one of the most important partners of German development co-operation. The embassy issues short and long term visas, as well as passports. The embassy also provides Zambians and other nationals wanting to travel to Germany.
The Russian Embassy in Zambia is one of 166 Russia diplomatic and consular representations abroad. The embassy strives to work for friendship and greater understanding between the people of the Republic of Zambia and the Russian Federation, and promote the exchange of information about the two countries.
The Embassy of Japan in Zambia provides an extensive range of consular services to Japanese citizens living in Zambia, as well as Zambians and other nationals. The embassy also provides services for Japanese companies interested in investing in Zambia, and aims to link Zambian businesses to Japanese.
The Angolan Embassy in Zambia promotes tourism, culture and trade between Angola and Zambia. It provides a link between the two countries. The cultural origins of Angola are tied to the traditions of the central Bantu peoples of the ancient kingdom of Kongo, as well as a strong Portuguese cultural influence.


A foreign embassy is a particular country’s official base in Lusaka, Zambia. Embassies are listed here

Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, is home to more than 20 embassies representing various nations of the world that are in diplomatic relations with Zambia. Embassy delegations provide links between Zambia and the individual countries concerned. An embassy is headed by an ambassador.

Embassies in general

Within the foreign host country, an embassy acts on behalf a particular country and head of state, along with that country's policies. The embassy and the corresponding governmental residence are the sovereign territory of the country they represent.

Role of the ambassador

The ambassador directly represents his or her country's own head of state, carrying and seeking out business on their behalf. An ambassador is appointed by the president or prime minister of a country. This appointment has a huge role on the position of a country within th host country, and its embassy’s image. This is why only exemplary people that are best fitted for the job are selected to be ambassadors.

The ambassador has the responsibility of maintaining and improving relations with the host country, while acquiring key information and reporting back to the country he/she represents. Ambassadors also have the responsibility of protecting its country’s citizens abroad and offering information and help to them.

Functions of embassies in Zambia

An embassy performs five major roles:

  • To represent - Foreign diplomats represent their country during ceremonies, events, meetings and functions.
  • To protect - Embassies are the places of rescue in case of trouble. An embassy protects the interests of their citizens in the host state.
  • To negotiate - Negotiations take place directly between the heads of states, using embassy diplomats as intermediaries.
  • To inform - An ambassador or diplomat must know about the context and evolution of his host country. His/her job is to use both official and unofficial sources to gather information for the purpose of reporting back to their own country.
  • To promote - A diplomat's job involves forming good relationships with officials and influential people within the host country, through cultural, scientific, and economic exchanges between the two countries.

An embassy deals with many aspects of citizenship such as:

  • Visa issues
  • Passport services
  • Registration of births and deaths
  • Assistance with benefits
  • Providing information on voting
  • Providing general information and advice
  • Providing emergency assistance to citizens in distress e.g. if they are arrested, destitute, separated from minors, or sick
  • Managing cases of child abduction
  • Handling cases of forced marriages