Universal human rights businesses in Zambia

Find organizations dedicated to analysing and strengthening global human rights policy.

Universal human rights

Find organizations dedicated to analysing and strengthening global human rights policy.
Equal access to resources, opportunities, aspirations and needs equally, regardless of gender.
Standards of human behaviour are protected as legal rights in national and international law.

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) protects individuals against human rights abuses and guarantees certain fundamental freedoms. Whilst these are not legally binding on member states, Zambia is a strong advocate for human rights. The civil society organizations that work in these areas will be listed in these categories particularly gender rights. Every human being is; born free and equal in dignity and rights right to life, enjoys liberty and security of person, no one shall be held in slavery, no one shall be subjected to torture, everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing and many more rights.

The organizations that support the gender justice movements to become driving forces in oppression works with activists and policymakers in Zambia to influence gender policies and practice. They facilitate dialogue and strategies on key issues by connecting actors to share their knowledge, experiences and ideas on relevant issues and mobilize gender equality movements to support collective actions with feminist causes in Zambia

The civil organizations that work with the government to look into serious human rights problems including abuses by police, life-threatening prison conditions, politically motivated arbitrary arrest, prolonged pretrial detention, government corruption, child abuse, discrimination against persons with disabilities and many other rights will be listed here that are operating in Zambia.