Construction equipment hire businesses in Zambia

Tools and equipment for hires like compactors, pumps, generators, plant and more
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Kings Heavy Machinery Ltd image
Kings Heavy Machinery Ltd
Mobile Cranes For Hire
Kings Heavy Machinery offers a wide selection of cranes to suit all your heavy equipment lifting needs. With skilled operators and a fleet of cranes ranging from 25 to 70 tonnes, this company has the capacity to handle any job, no matter how complex. Kings Heavy Machinery prides itself on always providing a professional, reliable and efficient service.
Azadi Investment Ltd
Mobile concrete on-site mixer and pump for hire
Azadi Investments offers mobile concrete on-site mixers and pumps for hire. They measure and load mixes of materials (stone, quarry dust, cement, and water) automatically according to the grade of concrete. Each mixer produces quality concrete at 18-36 cubic meters per hour. This company has developed a keen insight into the unique operational needs of various industries.
Acil Investments Ltd
Construction equipment hire
Lusaka +2
Acil Investments hires out graders, loaders, rollers, excavators, tippers and much more. This service entails providing quality equipment, at competitive prices that is delivered on time. Where necessary transport is also arranged. Acil’s team of operators are fully licensed and follow strict safety procedures onsite.
Steeplejack Services Zambia Ltd
Scaffolding hire
Steeplejack Services Zambia hires out a full range scaffolding systems to the mining and construction industry. Customers that hire scaffolding from this company are assured of getting the best and up-to-date equipment on the market. Their team has the expertise to professionally and safely assemble various scaffolding systems.
Zamworth Construction Ltd
Construction equipment hire
ZamWorth Construction provides a comprehensive range of quality equipment for hire including on site mobile concrete mixers with pump available in various specifications and dimensions according to its application. This equipment measures and loads various mixes of materials including stone, quarry, dust, cement and water.
Mega Earth Movers
Crane hire
With a fleet of 24 cranes ranging from 15 tonnes to 200 tonnage, Mega Earth Movers offers a wide selection of crane hire services. The company caters for industrial, commercial and domestic customers throughout Zambia. Mega Earth Movers has the expertise and capacity to handle various lifting jobs-small and large.
Ferriman Transport
Construction equipment hire
An established hire company specialised in heavy duty equipment such as caterpillar tractors and loaders, compactors and graders. The company has achieved an impressive average of 22,000 hours of hire per year. All equipment on hire is also available for sale to those who prefer to buy rather than hire.
Coastal Hire
Construction equipment hire
At Coastal Hire Zambia, customers are assured of finding a wide range of well-maintained equipment to cater for varying needs. Whether you're a large construction company or a DIY builder, Coastal Hire can help. Coastal Hire Zambia prides itself on its well maintained equipment and on the satisfaction of its customers.
Neon & General Signs
Construction equipment hire
Neon & General Signs hires out a trailer mounted skylift with working heights of up to 17.2 meters that is equipped with auto levelling hydraulic outriggers and a telescopic upper boom. The skylift is compact and is easy to move as it can be transported and positioned by any vehicle that is equipped with a trailer hook.
Onsite Energy Zambia
Fuel tank hire
Are you in need of fuel storage equipment? Onsite Energy Zambia offers a wide variety of efficient and environmentally-safe rigid tankers, mini tankers and tanker trailers for hire. This is a great way to provide immediate access to fuel in remote areas, for off-site projects or in any situation where long-term fuel storage might not be practical or necessary. Wherever you are in Zambia, Onsite Energy is happy to deliver a rented tanker or trailer, whichever suits your needs.

Construction equipment hire

Tools and equipment for hires like compactors, pumps, generators, plant and more

Construction equipment of all kinds for hire in Zambia for short or long periods – excavators, caterpillars and more can be found here. When you only need the use of specialised machinery or plant for a limited period, it may make business sense to hire rather than buy. For more equipment hire suppliers, see our mine plant hire section. Compactors, pumps, generators, block making machinery, any tools and equipment suppliers for the construction trade for hire will be listed here.

In the construction industry when you need equipment only for a short period of time, you should consider renting. When you take the long view and think of future needs-if renting a machine costs as much or more than owning it, then it's time to buy.

In Zambia, the following describes some of the main reasons companies rent:

  • No repair costs
  • Reduce your disposal costs
  • Flexibility to support your demand
  • Minimize your equipment fleet
  • The right equipment for the job
  • No need for storage
  • Control project costs
  • Gain access to the latest technology

If your needs are short term, renting an excavator is much more economical than buying one. You can rent an excavator for several months for less money than the cost of most excavator down payments. And if the machine breaks down, you're usually not liable for the repair costs.

Consider the benefits of renting versus buying. If you choose to rent, find what you want here.