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Withstand stresses and pressures of the environment and remain safe, stable and secure
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Sonar International Ltd
Structural steel engineerng
Lusaka +2
Sonar International is a professional structural steel engineering company for light and heavy steel structure design, manufacture and installation. The Sonar team work on large steel structures such as warehouses and agricultural produce stores, which must endure stresses and pressures from human use and environmental conditions. Committed to delivering excellent workmanship, Sonar International has invested in advanced machinery and constantly explores new design concepts, structure types and raw materials.
Groutex Company
Site engineering
Groutex Company has well-experienced engineers who undertake conceptual, preliminary and detailed structural design projects in the areas of structural design and analysis. The company provides clients with cost-effective and environmentally appropriate concepts and designs and their team has great technical expertise with steel.
Wah Kong Enterprises Ltd
Structural engineering
Wah Kong’s structural engineering experience includes working with structural steel, reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, pre-cast concrete, and timber. The company's in-house skills and state-of-the-art equipment allows it to deliver cost-effective and architecturally elegant structural designs for various projects. These include high-rise buildings, bridges and multi-storey car parks.
Auto Guard Engineering Ltd
Structural engineering
Auto Guard Engineering's sister company Supreme Structures specialises in the design and construction of different types of shades ranging from carports to large complex structures such as steel structures and greenhouses. All works are done by a highly skilled and experienced team of structural engineers, welders and bricklayers - you are guaranteed great and quality works.

Structural engineering

Withstand stresses and pressures of the environment and remain safe, stable and secure

Structural engineering companies can be found in this category. Structural engineering is a sub-discipline of civil engineering in which structural engineers are trained to understand, predict, and calculate the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures for buildings and non building structures, to develop designs and integrate their design with that of other designers, and to supervise the construction of projects on site. They can also be involved in the design of machinery, medical equipment, and vehicles where structural integrity affects functioning and safety.

Structural engineers often work alongside civil engineers and architects as part of a construction team. Structures must be able to deal with the conditions in which they are built. When building bridges, designers must take into account the conditions of terrain, wind, water and traffic volume. Structural engineers consider all of these factors and provide technical advice about the project.

They are experts at solving problems, meeting challenges and providing creative solutions.

Structural engineers design roof framing; beams, rafters, joists, trusses, floor framing floor decks, joists, beams, trusses, girders, arches, columns, braces, frames, foundations and walls. In bridges, they design the deck — or riding surface, girders or stringers, and piers. The materials they use include steel, concrete, wood, masonry, and aluminium. Engineers design the structure to resist forces from gravity, earthquakes, high winds, water, soil, collisions and blast explosions."

  • Structural engineers analyze blueprints, maps, reports, and topographical and geological data;
  • Estimating the cost and quantities of materials, equipment and labour; Computing load and grade requirements, water flow rates and material stress factors to determine design specifications;
  • Inspecting project sites to monitor progress and ensure the project is being constructed according to design specifications;
  • Conducting studies of traffic patterns or environmental conditions to identify potential problems and assess how they will affect the project

Critical skills that a person needs in structural engineering include an in-depth understanding of physics and mathematics. A structural engineer must also know the properties of various materials, such as their density, hardness, tensile strength, bulk modulus and bending strength. They need to be able to calculate how different materials will perform under stresses such as compression, tension, bending and twisting, as well as under various environmental conditions of temperature, pressure, corrosive gases and liquids, and even radiation. They also need to be able to predict how these materials will perform over an extended period of time.

A structural engineering firm provides the engineers that work together with a construction team of architects, civil engineers and building contractors. These Zambian companies are listed in this category.