Industrial construction businesses in Zambia

Industrial buildings are factories for manufacturing or storing raw materials and goods.
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Concorde Construction
Industrial construction
Concorde Construction specializes in building functional structures such as manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Their team works intimately with clients to comprehend their specific needs, aiming to optimize space for enhanced productivity.
Wah Kong Enterprises Ltd
Industrial construction
Are you planning to build a manufacturing facility, or renovate or extend your existing one? Wah Kong Enterprises has the expertise to meet the strictest standards and most challenging needs. This company has designed, constructed and delivered some of the most sophisticated manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Zambia. In all its projects, Wah Kong gives priority to designing facilities that streamline production processes and offer a safe environment for all employees.

Industrial construction

Industrial buildings are factories for manufacturing or storing raw materials and goods.

Do you want to build a manufacturing facility, processing plant, laboratory, warehouse or shipping distribution centre? Find here, building contractors that offer professional industrial construction, remodeling and renovation services. After listening to your ideas and analysing your line of business, they will help you to plan, design and construct a facility that will support your operations. They will also ensure compliance with government regulations. Engineers follow a stringent and cost-effective procedure that results in the timely construction of factories with uncompromised quality and excellent craftsmanship.

Types of Industrial Buildings

Warehouse and Distribution

Used for the storage and transportation of goods, these typical single-story buildings range anywhere from 5,000 square feet to hundreds of thousands.


Also known as heavy industrial buildings, these manufacturing facilities consist of the capital-intensive equipment required for the production of goods and materials.

Light Manufacturing

Compared to heavy industrial buildings described above, light manufacturing is less capital-intensive. For example, light industries include textiles, furniture, and household electronic products.

Refrigeration and Cold Storage

Commonly, refrigeration and cold storage facilities are distribution centers specific to food products like meat, produce, and dairy.

Telecom and Data Hosting Centers

These dedicated facilities (typically around 100,000 square feet) house extensive computer servers and associated equipment in order to maintain a company’s network and data.


A flex building encompasses a wide variety of business functions related to the manufacturing process under one roof.


A showroom property is a combination of a public display area with either an office or warehouse space (or both).

Research and Development

Another example of a flex building is a research and development center, common throughout the technology and biotechnology industries.