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A term is used for the place in which you work, the space where each individual does their work
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BongoHive offers a mix of entrepreneurial culture and innovative work space. Located on Thabo Mbeki Avenue, in Mass Media Area, this organisation is the ideal place to get work done.
Work space
BetaSpace provides a modern office space, with options to suit different budgets and working styles. With its drop-in WiFi hot-desking lounge, you can reduce your office overheads. Simply turn up with your laptop, plug in, get online and start moving your business forward in a vibrant entrepreneurial environment.
Regus Business Centres
Work space
Regus Business Centres is one of the largest providers of flexible workspace in Zambia, with fully furnished and serviced offices in key commercial locations. In addition the company has available prestigious meeting rooms and business lounges, as well as professional staff to manage phone calls and emails in your future location.

Work space

A term is used for the place in which you work, the space where each individual does their work

Companies in Zambia offer workspace to new businesses and businesses seeking to establish themselves in new territory. Workspace usually comes with administrative services such as printing and phone answering, as well as physical space and utilities. Renting workspace enables companies to 'hit the ground running with an instant set-up. They can immediately start exploring business opportunities.

A workplace is a physical location or space where you meet up with co-workers and managers to do your work. It refers to the collective sphere in which the team gets their work done. A workspace is a space where each individual does their work.

Improve office environment in the workplace

  • Comfortable office furniture
  • Add indoor plants for improved health
  • Throw open the blinds
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Air temperature
  • Invest in ergonomic office furniture
  • Clean, personal spaces

Though there are all kinds of jobs in the world, some of the most common ones involve sitting at a desk in an office. We might not spend one-third of our lives in these spaces, but we certainly spend a lot of time there, and it’s important to be comfortable. Find the companies in Zambia that provide office space that you can rent based on desk space needs

  • Improved employee health
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Higher rates of employee retention
  • Energy savings

Workspace providers have to provide the combination of increased employee productivity, employee retention and energy cost savings which will ultimately pay for the investment in improving the office’s design. At the very least, the workspace provider must know that users feel good when working in a comfortable and esthetically-pleasing space.

Creating and maintaining a pleasant physical workspace for your employees is also a great way for employers to demonstrate that they value their team. Providing comfortable chairs for your team goes a long way. Providing uncomfortable chairs for your team goes even further in the negative message it sends.

As an employer, there are a lot of changes you can make in order to improve the physical experience of being in your office. Their entire case study is available to read here. Some of the specific areas are focused on their design efforts include collaborative workspaces, healthy and sustainable material and furniture, air quality, lighting, acoustics, biophilic design, water filtration systems and the building’s energy performance. here are a few more manageable areas of improvement you can tackle to elevate the comfort of your physical workspace:


Nothing is worse than an office that’s lit light a hospital. Fluorescent lights can feel so bright they’re intrusive, and yet so many buildings default to these kinds of bulbs. Swapping out bright white light bulbs for softer yellow bulbs can help to make your office feel a little homier and a little less medicinal. Depending on your situation, you might also consider installing dimmer switches in your office. It’s a relatively low-lift process to swap out traditional light switches for ones that dim, and it can help prevent your office from getting too bright.


At work, you likely spend almost your entire day sitting in your desk chair. For that reason, it is so important for employers to provide their team with ergonomic chairs to properly support their backs and reduce muscle strain. Uncomfortable office chairs can cause tension headaches, neck and back pain, poor posture and even spinal damage. If the pain these conditions cause your employees isn’t enough to convince you to buy them new chairs, also consider the effect these conditions have on your bottom line. Employees in pain are less productive and more likely to miss work. .


Humans love plants. Even those of us who would never proclaim ourselves plant-lovers are subconsciously affected by their presence. A 2008 study found that hospital patients with plants in their rooms had lower blood pressure, lower heart rates, lower ratings of pain, less anxiety and fatigue as well as more positive feelings and higher satisfaction with their rooms when compared to patients without plants in their rooms. Not only do plants provide those sorts of positive biological responses in our bodies, they also improve air quality. Some of those plants include ferns, peace lilies, bamboo palms and spider plants. You can see a complete list of those plants here. Adding more plants to your office’s landscape might require a bit of maintenance on your part, but they will only positively affect your office.

Lumbar support pillows can improve even the worst of chairs, and personal desk plants will brighten your day while also cleaning your air. Everyone deserves an office thoughtfully designed to maximize their satisfaction, but when that isn’t possible, these solutions are at least steps in the right direction. All people are affected by their physical surroundings, so why not take measures to make sure you and your team are affected positively?

Find the Zambian companies that have created workspaces for rent that are appealing inviting and comfortable encouraging you to rent from them.