Night club businesses in Zambia

A discothèque, club or disco that operates till late. Music is a live band or a DJ with a PA system
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The Web
Night club
The Web is seductively lit with attractively coloured lighting this place offers only the best in sound quality and hospitality. You can get anything from cocktails to shooters, wines (red, white, dry or sweet), ciders, all available kind of beers, spirits, mixers and of-course soft drinks inclusive juices.
New Fairmount Hotel and Casino
Night club
The New Fairmount Hotel and Casino has a state of the art discotheque that offers late night entertainment and plays a wide range of genres to suit everyone. The night club is sound proof and has a large plasma screens strategically positioned for everyone in the club to be able to watch live games from any seat.
Club pa Zed
Night club
Club pa Zed is a small but vibrant entertainment venue that offers a lively spot for night life lovers. There's a wide selection of beverages including lagers, ciders, whiskey, brandy, cocktails, pure-juices, soft drinks and much more. The waiters and waitresses are friendly and always on hand to assist clients.
East Point Discotheque
Night club
East Point Discotheque has 4 cocktail bar areas that you can choose from. The outside bar area has a pool table and a large TV screen which usually shows the latest premier football games. The restaurant serves fresh tasty dishes including traditional food and takeaways and shawarmas.
Breakpoint Night club
Night club
Overall Breakpoint Night Club offers an extravaganza of entertainment, musical flavours, styles and DJs to satisfy a broad range of tastes and experiences. Breakpoint in Lusaka is for those who want to have a lot of fun and let themselves go! At Breakpoint you can go dancing every single night of the week.

Night clubs

A discothèque, club or disco that operates till late. Music is a live band or a DJ with a PA system

Night clubs in Zambia

Zambian nightclubs offer visitors and residents entertainment with different atmospheres, ranging from sophisticated to decidedly earthy, with music that compliments. A nightclub is an entertainment venue which is also known as a discothèque, or simply a club or disco and usually operates till late into the night. The music in nightclubs is either live bands or, more commonly, a mix of songs played by a DJ through a powerful PA system. Most clubs or club nights cater to certain music genres, and music is played very loud to attract night life lovers. Zambian nightclubs also give you the chance to see how locals party till the early hours.

Zambia's nightlife is legendary and huge, attracting revellers from all walks of life. The atmosphere in night clubs are designed for the ultimate night life lovers! Night life lovers get to enjoy good music and various drinks to choose from, plus party till very late. Some night clubs in Zambia have artists that come to perform every once in a while, so if you enjoy live performances, you will definitely find them in some of Zambia's most popular night clubs. Zambia's nightclubs are very diverse, some play the latest club bangers and others focus on giving you the very best of classic music. Staff in Zambian night clubs are friendly and always ready to assist so that you have a great time.

In Zambia you will find both quiet and jam-packed night clubs making Zambia a premier clubbing destination. Whichever night club you choose to go to, you will certainly meet lots of people who love to party too, so you will be lucky to make a whole lot of new friends as you enjoy Zambia's vibrant night clubs! Zambia has alot of night clubs that will definitely give you a night to remember, examples are Klub Vegas, Hollywood City Night Club and Chez Ntemba.

There are a few night clubs in Zambia that require you to pay a small fee to enter the club. Some night clubs in Zambia also have age restrictions such as one has to be 25 or 21 and above to enter a certain club. These age restrictions are set to avoid having trouble and confusion in the club caused by irresponsible younger adults.

Facilities in Zambian night clubs

Your safety is of great importance to Zambian club owners. Zambian night clubs have security guards who are each allocated to specific parts of the club, some work from the car park, others inside the club and some at the entrance of the club. These security guards are there to focus on taking care of any confusion or trouble that may take place at the club and ensure you are safe in the club. Some night clubs in Zambia also have security cameras installed inside the club as well as outside the club.

When it comes to the variety of alcoholic drinks, not to worry Zambia's night clubs have cocktail bars that are well stocked with both local and international beverages ranging from lagers, ciders, wines, spirits, non-alcoholic juices and carbonated soft drinks, for you to choose and enjoy as you party and dance the night away!

Some of Zambia's night clubs also offer VIP sections, for those who are interested in having a more private clubbing experience. You will enjoy the luxury, comfort and convenience that comes with choosing to party the VIP way! Have a night out with friends at one of Zambia's night clubs, and experience clubbing the Zambian way.

Zambia's night clubs have coloured glittering disco lights flashing according to the rhythm of the heavy banging speakers surrounding the dance floor making the night more enjoyable as dances become visually amusing. Dance floors in Zambian night clubs are very spacious so that those who would like to dance can dance and have fun comfortably.

Most Zambian night clubs have an open DJ booth next to the dance floor so that music lovers and dancers get a chance to choose one of their favorite songs that the DJ should play. DJ's in Zambian night clubs play around with a musical mixer to cater for the wide audience taste. Some of the musical rhythms played all night include Zambian music, R&B, Reggae, Rhumba, Rave and Rock. Some night clubs in Zambia have plasma television sets for guests who want to watch soccer. These television sets are mounted in strategic points of the club for better viewing.

Some night clubs in Zambia have a 24 hour restaurant within the club. The club restaurant serves delicious fresh food which is available throughout so you will not have to worry about going to eat at a specific time. This allows you to focus on enjoying your drink, having a good time, making friends and creating memories that will last a lifetime.